Hyperlocal Business Ideas for beginners in 2020

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The year of COVID-19 is about to end without taking away the virus with itself. The virus still stays around us, with no news of waving goodbye. 2020 killed a large number of people and jobs. Most people were wiped off from work or forced to work without any monetary benefits. The year full of downfalls with an unexpected rise in online shopping habits. With all this negativity on one hand and your dream to kickstart your business on the other. Are you not wanting to begin your own business? Here is a list of hyperlocal business ideas for beginners that need no or low investment in terms of money. Let’s take a sharp turn in 2020 and change our lives forever.


  • Medicine business


Medicine business


If you are a knowledgeable and/or a trained person in handling ayurvedic medicines, this idea is for you. You may easily buy and stock ayurvedic medicines, ayurvedic creams, ayurvedic powders, and sticks at your store. During and after the pandemic situation that the world faced, people have got to know the importance of Ayurveda in improving immunity. Immunity boosting medicines and other ayurvedic medicines are always in demand. You may think of selling it in a processed form or in its original state. The medicine business is in high demand these days and has a forecast of staying in the list for a longer run.


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  • Food business


Food business


Pandemic or no-pandemic, food businesses can never go out of the league. Once established well, they shall only grow and grow. Preparing homemade food products for business is a super hit idea for the last few decades! It has made so many people successful beyond limits. The homemade food business has the potential of being a multi-national food brand; only if you believe in it and work for it. Starting with an online homemade food business with not only give you regular business and financial stability but also a vision to grow global in your segment of the business.


  • Grocery Store


Grocery Store


If you have a little space on the ground floor of your place, this business is for you. Groceries business is one of the most profitable businesses because of the high demand from consumers. There is never a scarcity of customers visiting your store if you have necessary items in place. Also, with the newer customer habits, you can flash your business online through hyperlocal apps. This can get you orders online which you can supply by door-to-door service.


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  • Gym equipment business


Gym equipment business


In India, at some places, the gyms are now up and running. However, there still are places where they are shut down with no news of opening up. Apart from that, people all around are also not comfortable with visiting gyms again. They wish to workout at their own homes to avoid infection and reduce risks. Considering this, the fitness equipment business is now in high demand. You can either sell second-hand gym equipment or can tie-up with a well-known fitness equipment manufacturer. Being a distributor of such a brand or having a multi-brand gym equipment store can be a great business idea to start with.


  • Pet business


Pet business


More than 20% of the Indian population is fond of pets. May it be dogs, cats, or even birds. Well, pets need good care in terms of wellness. You can start a business wherein you can provide pet supplies like pet food, pet medicines, soaps, creams, instruments, etc.


  • House Cleaning Services


House Cleaning Services

Are you someone like Monica? Do you love keeping your space neat, clean, up-to-date, and beautiful? If you think you do, this is a no-investment business idea just for you! You can offer your cleaning services to houses, corporates, small and large businesses, institutes, and so on. This is a never-ending business and a high margin business. You can think of hiring employees at a later stage of your business to get the work done for you.


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  • Logistics business


Logistics business


If you can afford to buy or rent a commercial vehicle at a good price, the transport and logistics business is a good idea to start with. You can register yourself as a logistics services vendor at small, medium, and large manufacturing companies. Once you manage to win your customer’s trust, you can easily become their chosen vendor each time they need logistics support


  • Stationery business


Stationery business


This is one of the most interesting, colorful, and an easy business you can ever come across. You can set up a small business stationery store wherein you can stock essential items that are high in demand everywhere. With a little geographical and audience research, you can succeed in this business in a short while. If you are unable to set up a physical store, you may think of starting your social media page and have a tie-up with your suppliers. Try implementing the Dropshipping business model and earn profits!


Now that there are just a few weeks to start a new year, which one of the above businesses do you plan to start in the new year 2021?


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