How To Nail As An Influencer

Harkiran Kaur

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"Only when we are no longer afraid do we begin to live. "

- Dorothy Thompson


Before I start with it, let me throw up some light on the term Influencer. It strictly confines ho carrying a quality of Leadership where an Influencer has to wash away other people’s thoughts by replacing his or her own thoughts. It’s not easy as it seems. Believe me!!!Your thoughts and ideas have to be so convincing that person on the other side gets zapped and should quickly agree to your statement.


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As an Influencer, one needs go use various platforms of Social media where they can put their thoughts and pen down their ideas to carry way people. It’s not a guarantee that it will happen overnight. It takes time for both the audience to accept and the Influencer to judge the likes and dislikes the behalf of the audience. The Influencer has to use his or her magic wand of thoughts on the audience so that it becomes easy on the acceptance note. One needs to carry the power of knowledge and wisdom to sound genuine enough to the followers. These followers always keep their set of expectations high as the time flies.


They always look for something unique and creative. It solely depends on the Influencer as till how long they can keep influencing the audience. The Influencer needs to carry a spark of energy and excitement for the audience every time. The content should be very creative and spectacular. Due to the exposure of social media, things have become easily accessible and so the competition level has also increased. Before presenting the content, the thoughts have to go through a good number of series of editing, changes and other transformations. It’s not easy since it requires lots of efforts and patience.


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I believe every Influencer must carry any DSLR camera, good android phone and a laptop to create a creative content. Behind every a heart winning content, there is always a hardworking Influencer. One also needs a good bent of mind and creativity with expertise strength of knowledge. It’s a very acceptable profession which can be carried by any one hailing from any background and culture. Adding to it, anyone can take up this profession from any corner of the world. The best part of this profession that you always get more encouragers than crabby people.


Your ideas and thoughts are well expressed in this mechanical lonely world. Some Influencers use it as a platform to pour out their knowledge and thoughts. And when these thoughts emerge beautifully into a colorful sky, there are no words to express the feeling of enlightenment and joy.


Competition in any field is a good reason to leave anything half way. So, I believe that any Influencer should not stop influencing the world till the world ends.


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To nail this profession, one has to work hard and open the doors of creativity so that powerful thoughts can get inside the brain and create a fire in any Influencer‘s mind. It requires dedication and determination to carry on this profession. One can also join looping groups, engagements and other sources to create more buzz around.


Let’s jinn our hands together and start with expressing ourselves with utterance optimism and powerful creativ6which speaks the language in our content and thoughts….


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