How To Make Money With Your Blog In 2020

Aparna Jaiswal

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"Silence is a fence around wisdom. "

- German Proverb


The world today is connected with digital mediums and the Internet is definitely the next big thing. No one had ever imagined that digitization would give rise to some new and exciting professions all over the world. People are becoming professional bloggers, you tubers, digital marketers, content writers, social media managers and many more. 


Professional blogging was not even a thing decades back, but it is one of the hot careers of today. If you have a flair for writing and know how to present it in the form of a blog, you have aced the game. If you are someone who is curious to know about how to become a professional blogger, then you are at the right place.


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But before we go further, let me make it clear that this is not some quick making money with your blog article. Like any other profession, blogging also needs time, dedication and an attitude to keep on learning new things. It is possible to make money with your blog but you have to be absolutely passionate about it.


In this blog, I will be sharing some ways of how to become a professional blogger and make money with your blog.


  • Google AdSense


Google AdSense | Bulb And Key


Running PPC (Pay Per Click) ads by Google AdSense is one of the common ways of earning money for professional bloggers. Whenever a user visits your blog and clicks on the ad, the amount gets credited in AdSense account. The amount will be decided based on the value of your blog and traffic on your site.


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  • Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate Marketing | Bulb And Key


In simple words, to promote the products and services of other companies is called affiliate marketing. 


This is one of the easiest ways to earn money with your blog. You can talk about the products and services of different companies on your site and can earn money from them. If you have a decent fan following, you can benefit other’s business with your audience and charge money from these businesses.


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  • Sell Ads Directly


Sell Ads Directly | Bulb And Key


Another way to earn money is through WordPress advertising plugin. This plugin can be used to sell ads directly. If you compare it to Google AdSense, you can definitely earn more through this as there is no limitation but managing it can be a little tiresome. 


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  • Lifestyle and Travel Blogs 


Lifestyle and Travel Blogs | Bulb And Key


You must have seen a lot of celebrities and influencers sharing pictures and videos of their holidays and even daily life and creating a viral content out of it. Similarly, you can also create your own travel and lifestyle blogs and can attract a lot of traffic to our site. 


But you have to make sure that your stories and videos are worth reading and should have a personal touch to it. People get easily moved by such content. If you can master this specific domain, then trust me your blogs will definitely going to be everyone’s favourite. You will observe a loyal fan following for your blogs. 


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Aparna Jaiswal

Story By:

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