How to do Marketing of your Custom Printing Business


How To Do Marketing Of Your Custom Printing Business

Supreet Mangsule

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Launching your own custom printing business is both exciting and challenging for entrepreneurs, especially in today’s age where technology has made doing business easier and more efficient than ever before. 


Technology has opened up a ton of marketing methods that allows you to sell your printed products and build your brand. These days, a small business may be able to bypass more expensive (traditional marketing) tactics like print media easily, due to the growth of digital media in India. Creating printed products with innovative design ideas and marketing it properly has become very easy & affordable.


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Here are the six strategies to market your custom printing business:-


Digital Marketing for Branding and Sales of your Printing Business


Digital Marketing for Printing Business
Credit – Mayuri Tilkari


Digital Marketing uses digital technologies, mainly on the Internet, but also mobile phones and other digital mediums to reach customers. According to Google, small businesses that use digital marketing techniques have a faster rate of growth.  


With all the opportunities that exist online, Printing business owners should be asking the following questions according to their businesses before working on any marketing strategy:- 


What are the digital marketing activities that require low investment but let you reap maximum benefits for your small printing business? 


how can you create a digital marketing plan for your business? 


Here are some useful insights to help you in creating a marketing strategy that will bring you closer to your business goals.


Promoting your printing business through online channels is both affordable and easy. There are many ways like Shopping ads, Display Ads and Carousel Ads which can help your business to showcase your products in front of the audience who are likely to buy your products.


You can even expand your reach by creating your own online identity either by creating your own website or through portals where you can register as creators and start selling. 


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Be Friendly to your Customer


Keeping in Touch with your Customer


It is very important to be kind to your customers. The customer experience should be great because if your customer is delighted and happy with your service they will come back to you again and again if not they will find someone else. Most of the time we as a business owner tend to believe that customer is the enemy, they want to take advantage of us, but it’s not the case. 


You need to think of it in a different way they came to you because they are having a problem which they believe you can solve and you need to do anything you can to meet the customer needs within reason. If you cannot meet their demand, guide them in the right direction. 


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Promoting your Designs 


Promote your Designs


You need to keep on promoting the latest work you are doing on your social handles and show everybody what you are working on. Take the best-printed samples to trade shows and events. It is very important that you wear your own custom t-shirts made with your logo on it whenever you go for a meeting or any networking events. That will create a lasting impression on your potential future customers and they might remember you when they have a requirement for some custom merchandise for their business. 


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Keeping in Touch with your Existing Customers


Retaining Existing Customers


It is very important that you have some kind of a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) so that you have all the data of your existing customers. You have to keep in touch with them by wishing them on occasions and other events. Don’t bombard them with advertising every day. Creating a broadcast list is very important. And keep on posting once a week. 


So that you are on their mind all the time and every time they or any of their friends have a custom printing requirement. 


Yours will be the first name that will come to your mind. I personally use Whatsapp broadcast for keeping in touch with the customers. A study suggests that acquiring a new customer is anywhere from 5 to 25 times more expensive than retaining an existing one. It makes sense: you don’t have to spend time and resources going out and finding a new client – you just have to keep them happy. 


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Network Most of the Time 


Networking to your business


People go for a networking event and the biggest mistake they make is they don’t network. They just sit with the people they come and have the tea/coffee. Networking is nothing but coming together and sharing stories about your business and your journey ask other people about their stories. Understand their journey. See how your business can help their business and see if you can create a win-win situation for each other. Connect on LinkedIn with them. This is how you generate business. You can use LinkedIn as a networking platform. Find the right people who you can help and connect with them. 


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Use your Personal Social Media Strategically 


Using your own Social Media for Business


We undervalue the power of social media by sharing selfies and not understanding the power it possesses to share your story to a large number of people. Yet we use it just to share random selfies and whatnot. Instead, we should strategically use social media for our benefit. Every day you are working, share that in your stories. Just let everyone know what you do every day the real story about your daily routine, which projects are you working on? 


The more they know in detail about you the more easily they will remember you whenever there is a requirement and they will contact you. Post pictures of your workshop, your screen printing equipment and your best prints, keep your followers updated and encourage them to engage. Staying active with valuable content is a great way to keep in touch with your market and grow your custom printing business.


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Supreet Mangsule

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