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How Personalization Can Help A Small Business Grow

Ayesha Mude

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"Each day provides its own gifts. "

- Marcus Aurelius


Throughout the years, with changing styles and trends, the market is evolving into a dynamic and customer-oriented platform. Latest trends show that consumers are leaning towards products that cater to their needs specifically. This is where small business can shine as they are able to understand customer needs more efficiently. Personalization gives the customer a tailor-made buying experience and a connection that is different from mass-manufactured products. 



The modern consumer is more inclined towards personalized products as they cater to their needs more specifically. Seeing the demand for personalization there are numerous perks micro-businesses can gain if they run with this approach.


Personalization enhances the customer experience. This adds a personal touch to the product itself and it also creates a personal connection with the business in the mind of the customer. It also adds an angle of authenticity and humanity, this creates a positive image of the business in the perspective of the consumer as it makes the product stand out in their eyes. 



Personalization increases the profitability of your products, as customized products tend to be more expensive than the ones mass manufactured. Nonetheless, customers are willing to spend extra money for the personalized experience.


Personalization gives you the opportunity to produce quality products, as products are produced according to specifics, as opposed to mass-manufactured products and also helps a small business explore creating unique and different varieties of products.



Personalization can be done by implementing various techniques that help in building a more consumer-centric platform, one way to do that is to let your customers register with your business with an account online. With the information from these accounts, small businesses can track consumer preferences and in turn segment and target them more precisely.


Geo-targeting is another way to show customers products based on their location. One more way to personalize online purchases is by recommending relevant product suggestions. This can be done by monitoring customer purchase and browsing histories. Create an interactive personalization process to help your customers narrow product results.


Ayesha Mude

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