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"It is easier to live through someone else than to become complete yourself. "

- Betty Friedan


How many of you love to grab the Belgian Choco Shot from CCD? There are 2 reasons for that mainly. One, you are a chocoholic and two, you love the shot glass!!! By the way, I always do that! So, this is how presentations can influence consumers. #cafecoffeeday


Belgian Choco Shot


Now, “Why is good packaging a priority?’’. Any product, irrespective of its size, price, quality, shelf-life etc deserves a good package for the effort put in towards its preparation. By choosing a proper way to wrap it up, one displays the care taken to compose it. 


I bake and sell cakes from home, not on regular basis though, only when I get time after office.  Let me narrate something that happened with me. Having no experience with food business and with no one to guide me through, two things I struggled a lot with are packing and delivering cupcakes especially. There is a friend of mine, Vijay, who ordered some cupcakes, at the initial stage of my small venture. Like any budding talent, I took a lot of care while baking and decorating them. I delivered the packed cupcakes in my scooter, with speed not exceeding 20 to 30 km per hour.




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Upon delivery, while unpacking the box, my heart just sank. Two of the cupcakes were damaged a little. This is what Vijay has to tell about the cupcakes “I had ordered a combination of Chocolate Peanut Butter Frosting cupcakes and Double Chocolate cupcakes. Both of them tasted great and the topping was “SINFUL”!! Rich, creamy, flavorful and everything you would look for in a good cupcake.A couple of cakes were damaged during the delivery and would like to suggest a firmer packaging to withstand the bumpy Chennai roads.’’ 


I shared this experience of mine to highlight the vital role of proper packing. The primary purpose of packing in any business is that of protecting the product.


The second point to pay attention is that of, ease in usage as well as preserving the original texture of the product. I always wonder as to how convenient it would have been if the big packets of Lays(#laysindia) and Kurkure(#kurkure) had the features of zip lock, so that we can munch them even after a week or so without missing the original crunch and taste of the snack! 


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And then comes the fancy part! Attractiveness and appeal! Any small or up-coming brand should definitely invest in packing their commodity, as a good package can pull attention to the product or brand. When there is pressure to survive among huge number of competitors, one has to think of every possible means to draw attention. Only this can establish their product among the consumer group. 




We, as abundant consumers of natural resources, have some responsibility towards the nature as well. Everything is mutual in one’s lifecycle and so is the usage of natural resources. Whether we do something to multiply the availability of resources or not, we are definitely accountable for preserving the same for the future generation. We have studied about sustainable development in school. We can prove to be good students not by securing 99%, but by implementing what we actually study. We really need to work towards the efficient usage of resources available. Keeping cost-cutting as a major objective, we should not adhere to usage of cheap and non-degradable packing material. Using environmental friendly methods of packing is equally important. So, one small piece of appreciation to this Chennai based brand named Arture, who have cork products like wallets and clutches. They send their creations in a cute, little handmade paper bag as they want to be eco-friendly and use only natural materials. #ArturePockets




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Last, but definitely the most important thing is to comply with the guidelines of the Government and Industry. There are certain rules to be complied with respect to packing and these must not be ignored. Any small non-compliance may lead to huge penalties in future. People have now become more particular to check about the manufacturing and expiry date, they pay attention to the ingredients used, etc. which is good. So, giving consumer the appropriate information is the accountability of every business person. Also, when one puts in so much effort in producing something, sufficient care must be taken to retain the brand name. 


cake packing


At the end, a product’s package requires enormous care and attention, as the product itself needs. Ultimately, any manufacturer would desire the end user to view the product the same way, as he did while packing it. This can be achieved only by 

  • choosing a package which can keep the product secure , and prevent any damage during transport
  • selecting a easy to use package design, which can preserve the original character of the item
  • picking up an attractive wrap for the product, which definitely proves to increase customer attention
  • going for an ecologically sound packing material
  • Complying with relevant standards established by the Government / Industry. 


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