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Discounts Strategies And Tactics For Small Businesses

Trishant Nimsarkar

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"Wicked people are always surprised to find ability in those that are good. "

- Marquis Vauvenargues


Today’s businesses have a strong leaning towards a more emotional approach where building consumer trust is very important. Nowadays customers are attracted to brands that make them feel like they are more than just customers, and businesses that make an effort towards the likings and convenience of their customers. 


Discount strategies are a surefire way to boost your overall brand image. Some of their many perks include an increase in customer satisfaction and conversions, they are a good way to push products, they lead to an increase in overall sales and attract new customers and have the potential to convert those who are interested. 


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There are different discount strategies and tactics that can help in increasing sales for small businesses.


  • Bundled Discount


Bundled Discount


It is a smart strategy to make people buy more than one item by giving them a discount on total bought items. These bundled items are usually similar kind of products that customers can buy altogether. 


You need to make sure that the products you club together should be relevant enough in order to generate a good amount of sales.


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  • Seasonal Discounts


Winter Discount


During the holiday and festival season, every brand comes up with amazing discount offers that increase their sales. It is one of the best time to capitalize your goods and this strategy always brings in profits.


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  • Rewarding Loyal Customers


Rewarding Loyal Customers


It is necessary to applaud your loyal customers who always uses your products and services. When you give some rewards points or discounts, it makes them happy and gives them a feeling that their brand cares for them. This encourages them to use the brand’s products and services even more and also it increases word of mouth.


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  • The Lessor or Free Shipping Discount



It’s always a pain for customers to pay that extra shipping charges. Less or free shipping charges are always a big yes for the customers. 


  • Invite potential customers with a special offer



If you have launched a new product or service, then the best promotion strategy would be inviting potential customers and giving them special discount offers. 


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