Defining Teamwork


Defining Teamwork In A Prosperous Way

Ilma Rizvi

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"The future is an opaque mirror. Anyone who tries to look into it sees nothing but the dim outlines of an old and worried face. "

- Jim Bishop


Small businesses in India have been contributing for higher growth rate of the economy. It became comparatively easier for the people to come up with an idea at a smaller pace and then excelling and out-performing their skills and expertise in the field. However, a good portion of country’s income is held in the hands of handful people only but the rest is assured by white and blue collared jobs’ employees. People work to earn and feed their families but only an innovative mind and a brave heart human can come up with an innovative idea and can attempt to take risk. Not everyone has the courage to invest when only the limited capital is all that he/she possess.


An idea can strike in a mind but its core-implementation lies in the efforts that a group of people put in and this is what we call a team. Team work has always given commendable results which had definitely helped entrepreneurs reach their aim and achieve targets. As commonly said ‘not all humans are perfect’ brings out the need for working together in a group. This collective effort brings in the required quality that a group was lacking before and helps in efficient working of the unit. Teamwork, most commonly, brings in the efficiency, good communication skills, solidarity, success, respect and personality growth. Thus, it won’t be wrong to say that teamwork is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results. It is this feature that brings in a handful talent on a single platform. Though, there are some cases of unsuccessful amalgamations too but the proportions of such cases are negligible. Usually people of common interest come together as a team and sets their targets. Teamwork has no restricted borders to sustain within; rather it is the most required element in today’s business world. People with experience may find it difficult to tackle with hi-tech operations; some with good selling skills may require an accountant while some capital holders may require a full time business partner who could help him to enter the business world and vice-versa. This list is extendable in all the sectors and segments.


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Small and household businesses are true reflection of teamwork. They provide us with the correct image of how one can achieve more with others’ contacts, skills and expertise. It treats you well to accomplish the lacked feature. This trend of starting a business at zero level was termed as Self-Help Group (SHG), a community based 10-20 members group, especially women, all voluntarily coming together to save small sum of money on regular basis. Halqa SHG (J&K), Lakshmi Mahila SHG (Gujarat), Rupjyoti SHG (Assam), Kenduasuli SHG (Assam), etc. are many such SHGs which have shown exemplary results as the outcome of their team work, hard work and strong will power. Moreover, skilled and experienced persons tend to excel in their field. This can be easily witnessed in businesses like chocolate making, sewing and stitching, pickle and papad making, ice-cream making, weaving and knitting clothes, cloth embroidery and many more. People engaged in such commercials perform their work in a synchronized way and assure timely delivery of their orders. They have managed to attain a position which is worthy enough for a nation to feel proud of. Yes it is noteworthy that handlooms and other home-made materials have brought back pride to the nation at a wider platform. Usually, humans believe in oneness but this needs to be remembered that a single stick can be broken into piece easily but a bundle of sticks is strong enough to hold together and increase the strength of its group.




It is factual that glory comes to those who believe in team-work. Neither Ambani nor Tata conquered this business world as a single man in fact they had a team to move together and handle all the discrepancies. It was the presence of good teams that made them expand their business worldwide and across the sectors. Similarly, small entrepreneurs too work in a team towards new invention and innovation despite some unavailable facilities like limited capital, inadequate infrastructure, unsuited working conditions, etc. Manufacturing of leather shoes/chappals, kolahpuri footwear and khadi cloth and papad and pickles making enlightens a bright light on the efficiency and enormous profit making features which these businesses now own. Be it a group of 2 or 5, people tend to come together to work for their targeted line and tasks to achieve within the given timeframe. Apart from these, there are various non-covered businesses too which have been performing well just because of their team work quality that brings in a sense of understanding, belief and kindness among the team members.


Small and household businesses, therefore, rightly defines the word ‘team’ as ‘Together Everyone Achieves More.’ Hence, in such a short distanced journey, it is the teamwork that defines the prosperous journey of small and household businesses in an economy where globalization was very formerly injected!


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