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Big Ideas For Small Startups

Sushma Tiwari

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"When we feel love and kindness toward others, it not only makes others feel loved and cared for, but it helps us also to develop inner happiness and peace. "

- Tenzin Gyatso, 14th Dalai Lama


When we think of a business, we think of big showrooms and shops.  But when we think of the budget to start the same business, the excitement gets cold.  Yes, big business indeed needs a big budget to start, but in today’s era, both the value and reach of small scale industries and startups are more.  You do not necessarily have a big budget and a big space, you can start from your home too.  Today, changing technology has made us capable that we can start a small scale industry from our home which is beneficial for both time and budget.  Here we will talk about small-scale industries starting from home or without a budget.  One thing to keep in mind before starting is that everything has two aspects.  For example, if it is the matter of starting any business, then every suggestion will also have its positive and negative aspects which will vary individually.




So let’s start with some popular tried and tested domestic trade methods –


  1. Online reseller and fashion experts – 


Online reseller and fashion experts | bulb and key


This is a business idea for which usually you do not need to maintain much inventory.  However, to do this on a slightly larger level, you can buy in bulk from wholesalers.  You can convert a room in your house into an inventory.  But this will only work if you have access to a large customer group.  Apart from that, many such apps give you the option of direct selling, in which you just have to order, the rest of the payment, delivery, returns are seen by all those people.  You get your commission without much trouble.  For this, you also have to be more active on the social networking site and have a stronghold on marketing.  You can create your web page.  If fashion is also your hobby, then you can turn it into a profession.  You can also sell your own designed products which may also include clothes, shoes, accessories, and home decor.  We have seen many people working online boutiques from home and climbing the stairs of success.


Mona Kaur who is fashion designer from Delhi tells

“I started seven years ago. In the initial phase, I got involved with many groups and tried to learn how it works. My fashion design sense was good and many people used to take design advice, so why not?  To be given a break. I started to find out where I would get the material in good quality and low price so that both I and my customer would benefit. Then a few years later a friend of mine suggested an online boutique.  It is a boutique in which my husband also helps me. I get good orders too. I believe that if the work is done from the heart, then good results are achieved on short notice, and the happiness of self-confidence that I earn is different.




  1. Fitness trainers


Fitness trainers | bulb and key


If you are healthy as well as joyful by exercising then becoming a fitness trainer is a good option.  You must be properly certified and trained before you start.  For example, if you enjoy both dance and exercise, you can become a Zumba instructor. You can take a zin license by attending a three-day workshop to become a Zumba instructor.  You can start it from the hall of your house or by renting a big room for a few hours a week.  The investment in this will be only your hard work and your dedication.  It is also a good idea to become a yoga instructor these days.  Also, you can collaborate with a dietician so that your customers can get all the facilities under one roof.  This small business can also take you to new heights among the people of the health-conscious country.  Yes, like every work, you also have to keep in mind that the right information is necessary to get started.  Growth happens slowly, it is necessary to not panic.  I spoke to Meenaal Kothari who belongs from Mumbai and runs Meenaals fitness classes. She is also a yogi, zin, and diet consultant. She says that yoga was given importance in her home from the beginning.  I just remember I was 17 when my mother told me to attend one of the yoga sessions which were in our society.  She attended a few sessions and she found it very inspiring.  so I remember after my sessions my mother used to tell me to practice yoga everyday and yes we used to do it.  It was more of Pranayam, Omkar, and more of Shuddhi kriyas which were very important for the body.  Meenaal made her hobby her profession and today she has been running it successfully for 18 years.


  1. Insta influencer – 


Insta influencer | bulb and key


The easiest way to present yourself in this run-of-the-mill world is to use social networking sites and this is what big companies also believe.  So she approaches Insta influencers who promote their product through their social networking account.  It looks straightforward if you are a good content creator.  The number of followers on your account should be good as well as you use the right hashtag so that the reach is more and easily reach the appropriate audience.  This work is completely home-based.  It may be worth little or no as an investment because in the initial stages you have to buy many products first and then review those whose money is refunded to you after a successful post. I spoke to Shelly Gupta, who is from Faridabad and is a successful Insta influencer. she shared her experiences with us –


Insta influencing is a step for me to make me a bit independent while at the same time I can give my full devotion to my home and family.  You got to know new people, new friends, and new products too.  It gives me my ‘me time’ along with extra benefits.  Who won’t love extra income, name, and a new circle of friends?  And it also Keeps your idle mind busy.




  1. Bake, Cake, and chocolate – 


Bake cake | bulb and key


Did your mind become happy after reading it?  Home Baking may have been just a hobby or a necessity, but today, this small business is flourishing.  Investment is also very less as you prepare the product on orders only.  Yes, if your budget allows, then you can take a small shop and change it in your work area.  As terms like live bakery are becoming prevalent in many places these days, and customers realize that fresh and good content is reaching them.  You should start with your kitchen.  If you want to do the required training or course of cooking/baking then you should attend any workshop or classes first.  Gradually, as your work progresses, your grip on your customers will also become stronger.  When I spoke to Kirti Patil, the owner of Cake bites  and she is from Kalyan (Maharashtra). she told that – I am a home baker who deals with a variety of bakery product like cake, cupcake, dessert, chocolate bouquet n chocolates, etc.  I started my home business 3 years back.  Initially, I started baking cakes for my family and friends.


I always wanted to do something for family (left the HR job because of personal issues) Being passionate about baking cakes. I decided to start my bakery business.


I was fortunate to get my 1st order on the occasion of Women’s Day through my friend in 2017 and slowly it grows to multiple orders day by day.  I also started taking classes & workshops on cakes and chocolates.  My family supported me greatly in this journey also I receive many good reviews and a lot of appreciation from my relatives, neighbors, and friends which eventually helped me to grow my business.  From there my cooking business grows and I started my Facebook page and got to be exposed to different peoples.


This year I was felicitated for my work on Women’s day.  So you can also believe in your self & do what you like.


  1. Home tuitions/classes – 


Home tuitions | bulb and key


Education is an integral part of our life and today, tuition has become an integral part of education.  We have seen many successful teachers, IIT leaves their jobs and enters this profession.  If you can explain a topic well then you can become a good tutor.  The best thing is that a student can also start this work along with his studies, which not only helps him financially but also makes a good grip on the subject, Which helps them later in various competitive examinations.  Proves helpful.  If you start home tuition work, then the investment is equal to zero, then only your time investment and your patience investment.  Yes, if you want to start classes on a large scale (for more than 10 students), then you have to see a place where children are easy to reach.  Many times it can also be a place around a school where parents’ eyes can reach easily and your marketing work will be reduced.  We talked to a teacher who left his corporate job and made it her job. When I spoke to a successful home tutor Mandakini poojari who is from Banglore she tells both its pros and cons –


I was an IT employee and had worked in the same field for around 9 yrs.  When my son was 6 yrs old, I opted to work from home, so that I can take care of him.  Though my traveling time was saved, time and quality to my work were more as compared to working in the office.  It’s not easy to work from home as it sounds.  As I was in IT, hours are also counted, we had time tracker.  I was supposed to give 40hrs per week, but most of the time I ended up giving 60 -70 hrs per week.  When we work from home, your family members and your colleague or manager take you for granted, that’s what I have observed, and because you are sitting at home and working.  My work productivity was more as compared to working in an office.  Work from home has both advantages and disadvantages.  But overall a good experience.


All the above-mentioned methods are mostly done from home.  Apart from this, if you have a budget, then you can also start a small factory/production unit.  Such as paper bag manufacturing.  Organic farming is also a good area, with which you can also make delivery partners by taking orders for organic goods from home.  You can register your product with an online selling platform or tie-up with local fitness centers.  If you are proficient in any handicraft, then apart from saving your cultural heritage, you can make it a means of earning a good income.  Nowadays, the government is also arranging a budget to start small businesses, which you can find out from various government websites.  If you are a writer and have a good grasp of the language, then you can also earn from creative writing and freelance writing.  The list is too long.  That is to say, we need patience, patience, and a 100% contribution to start and operate the business.  Success is ready to kiss your steps.




Sushma Tiwari

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