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  • 20 Mar 2020

    No yummy food during lunch or dinner time? Delicious Food  and healthy food is one of the most common problems of bachelors, office employees, students or who are far from their families. Tiffin services somehow made it easier for people who have no time for cooking or who don’t know how to cook.  As in the era of the nuclear family’s highly busy life, people demand for more quality food at a doorstep. There is a large no. of people who provide Tiffin services with healthy food, within a reasonable cost and follow hygienic standards. It also provides employment to housewives where they can earn a great profit by providing good food. People can choose food service (breakfast, lunch, dinner) according to their need.


    Benefits of this service


    • Hygienic and Healthy 


    hygenic food


    According to surveys it follows every hygienic standard while providing food to the people. Food provided here is mainly healthy which basically attracts people more into this service.


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    • Food quality control 

       raw material      

    It uses best raw food material and no artificial process is used for making food which makes it tastier 


    • Value for money


    value for money


    It provides adequate amounts of healthy and tasty food at a reasonable price which is mainly affordable for students or office workers for example vegetarian food at Rs60 and non vegetarian at Rs80 which is quite efficient.


    • Variety in menu


    variety in food menu


    This benefit increases the interest of people towards this service as no one likes the same food every day, this service offers different food every day and special on weekdays. For example on weekdays some provide sweets or Tasty vegetables like paneer.


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    • On time delivery

             on time delivery


    This type of business requires on time delivery. Fixed schedules were made to avoid delay and confusion of delivery. People were allotted their place of delivery beforehand.


    • No washing of dishes and utensils


    wash utensils


    With the increase in work and advancement in technology people have no time for household work so this service acts as a supporting service for them.


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    • Fix and comfortable eating schedule


    regular interval


      It helps people to have fixed time for eating which actively helps them to have a healthy life.


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    • Reduces the risk of diseases 

               reduce risk of disease


    Homemade food is always good for health.  As it follows all hygienic standards which automatically reduces the risk of diseases .


    Disadvantages of this service


    • Little control over what you get

               fixed menu


    You cannot have something for lunch which you like as the menu is fixed, this can be termed as a big disadvantage.


    • Large no. of staff:


    large staff


     As large no. of customers require large no. of staff for quick and better services.




     Tiffin services have a good future with the increase in busy and hectic life. Main motto of this service is to provide homemade food to the people who are away from their home. This service helped both customer and provider as with reasonable cost the customer is getting great food and Profit earning of the provider is large as there is huge demand for food.


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