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Amrut Kadha – The Immune Boosting Drink

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Amrut Kadha is a homegrown immune boosting ready to drink nutritional juice specially designed to harness the inner immunity system of the body to fight against viral infections.


  • Need & Opportunity


Need & Opportunity


The COVID-19 Disease has propelled the people into finding ways to develop their immunity to wade of the viral infection, and kadha, an Indian drink made of rich natural resources of immune boosting nature, is the ultimate choice. Many people do not find the time or all the appropriate ingredients to make the kadha at home and hence Amrut Kadha addresses this very need.


  • Market Size & Growth Opportunities


Market Size


The market size is huge and the opportunity is high with most people already having the inclination to uptake the product. Considering this, the opportunities are huge and it is poised to grow by at least 20% CAGR year on year


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  • Competitive Advantage


Competitive Advantage


Amrut Kadha’s biggest CA would be its various SKU and price per SKU with environmental sustainable packaging. The packaging will be of Paper, Foil and HSL Materials which will not require any preservatives to provider a longer shelf life. Being a home grown brand and hand crafted this gives more credibility to the safety and efficacy of the product.


  • Business Model


Business Model

The product will be available in 50ml, 100 ml and 150ml SKUs on online delivery basis for operational and cost efficiency. This will also add to safety of logistics and ease of availability to many locations at once. The 50ml will be priced at INR 75, 100 ml at INR 135, and 150ml at INR 210.


  • Marketing Plan


Marketing Plan –

The marketing exercise will be primarily on digital platforms. Facebook marketing including digital leaflets with crisp content signifying the importance of Kadha and the ease of Amrut Kadha. Twitter hashtags of #immuneboosters #AmrutKadha will be used to gather traction around the product benefits and the brand as a whole. The customer acquisition will also be driven by virtual webinars on immune boosting through Ayurvedic means in particular by eminent Ayurvedic experts.


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  • Sales Planning


Sales Planning –


The sales will be online and on subscription basis. Customers have to subscribe for a particular SKU for 6 months which will be provided for a 20% discount. The distribution channel will be primarily online through apps like Amazon, Zomato and Swiggy.


The sales projections for the next one year are depicted below in the graph. These figures are based on customer uptake and word of mouth campaigning which will help in more recruitment of customers over the months.


  • Profitability 




The margin on 50ml is 15%, 100 ml is at 25% and 150 ml is at 35%. This is because the volume of sales for the smaller SKUs is expected to be much more which can offset the lesser profit margins with higher revenues.


  • Organisation Structure


Organisation Structure 


There are three founders with each one of them handling Finance, Operations, and the CEO handling additional responsibilities of marketing. There are four cooks who will handle the making the Kadha and will be home packaged to maintain hygiene and safety.


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