8 Tips For Naming Your Startup

Samikshya Borse

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"Stay committed to your decisions, but stay flexible in your approach. "

- Tony Robbins


For any entrepreneur, starting a business is a tough task. More often than not, they’ve got the business idea and plan ready, along with the funding plans. But, what about the name? Yes, we’re talking about the business name. Before you proceed with your entrepreneurial journey, you’ve got to think of another small yet very important part of a startup –  its name. 


Naming a startup is often undervalued and it may seem minor, but this name will be attached to your brand image for years and years. So you need to get your startup, business name right, from the beginning. 


Keeping this in mind, here are 8 tips for naming your startup which will help you get a kickstart on your startup name :


  • Choose catchy words 


catchy words


Your startup name should be catchy. It should be memorable and resonate with the people and potential customers. So use catchy words. While there are some online tools to determine the name, you can still do your own thinking, check which ones are already taken (via government websites), and take people’s suggestions as well as rely on your own gut feeling. 


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  • Consider your logo


Consider your logo


While coming up with your startup name, always keep your logo in mind. The logo and name together form an important part of your brand name which will be tied to all your future marketing efforts. Take a look at global brands like McDonald’s, Pepsi and Nike. You wouldn’t remember these names without recalling their brand logos. Brainstorm and think of different colors and themes while coming up with a business name because humans process visuals faster than words. 


  • Use startup naming tools 


startup naming tools 


If you’re really stuck with the name, you can take some help from the top online startup naming tools such as NameMesh, SquadHelp and Namelix to give you some amazing and unique names for your startup. 


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  • Check domain name


Domain Name


Once you have thought of your business name, you next need to check if the domain name is available for use. Many startups and companies decide their names, but find out that someone else has already taken the ‘.com’ domain name. So they try to buy other domain names like .org, .net , instead. Don’t do this. Try to come up with another name for your startup if your domain name is taken. 



  • Keep a short name


Keep a short name


If you look at some of the biggest startups today, one trend you’ll notice is short names. Think Facebook, Netflix, Instagram, Spotify, Uber, Zomato, Vimeo – the list is endless. Following this trend, in 2020, many entrepreneurs are selecting one-worded or short names for their startups as they are more memorable, unique, and also, affordable. 


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  • Don’t mess up the spelling


Don’t mess up the spelling


Use names that are spelled exactly how they sound. For example, avoid using a ‘Z’ where there should be an ‘S’. Weird, complicated names will be harder for people to remember and may directly affect your online search volume. So put yourself in the minds of the customers. 


  • Avoid extremely specific names 


unique business name


Choose a name that will be relevant to what your business does, not just in the present but also in the future when you want to expand your product or service offerings. So have a generic yet unique business name but don’t be too specific. 


  • Conduct social media research

 social media research


Once you zero-in on a name, search all the social media platforms for profiles that might be already having the name you have chosen. Make sure to have this cleared up before you officially name your startup. The idea is to have the same social media handle on all the platforms to avoid any confusion and negative effects on your brand awareness efforts. 


If the business name is available on all the platforms except for one or two, then reach out to the user and ask if you can purchase it from them, otherwise consider a new name. 


  • Conclusion:-


While choosing a name for your startup is important, don’t spend too much time on it. Once you have decided on a name which is available and meets all the other criteria, stick with it. Don’t second-guess. In the end, it is your startup, so be happy with the name and take your business forward! 


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Samikshya Borse

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