8 Problems People Face While Ordering Online From Small Scale Businesses.


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Did you know in a year, 120 million consumers indulge in online shopping? But unfortunately, not everyone who shops online is happy with the experience. 


According to a survey which was conducted in 2019, 70% of Indian shoppers face problems while shopping online. 


Let us discuss some of the challenges faced by customers while ordering online from small businesses – 


  1. Product Quality Issue 


Bad quality Product


This is one of the common problems faced by customers who shop online. The one being presented on the website and what comes after orders are two different pictures. Since the competition is growing in the e-commerce industry, many websites are becoming a marketplace for sellers to sell their products. And this is increasing the issue of fraudulent sellers. 


The quality checks are becoming poor, and selling bad quality products in the name of the brand is becoming quite common. 


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  1. An issue with Logistics 




Another problem faced in online shopping is an issue with delivery and logistics. Products are lost or damaged while in transit, and the order tracking system is not able to locate the location accurately.


People pay their money for same-day delivery, and however, they do not get their products on time. Similar challenges are faced by consumers when it comes to returning the product.


  1. Payment Issues 


Credir card error


Many consumers become victims of online payment issues. Even though there are several payment methods like Net Banking, Credit or Debit Card payments, and even Cash-on-Delivery, but there is still payment error.


Technical glitches often deduct the payment from the customer’s bank account, but the website doesn’t receive it.


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  1. Payment Confirmation is missing 


payment error


 Another challenge to payment gateway is that it is not smooth. Sometimes when the customer is redirected to the payment page, the money is deducted automatically, and the page shuts off without any notice.


And that is where people come in trouble. They keep chasing the website for a refund.  


Sometimes, the website asks too many questions, which increases the inconvenience for customers. 


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  1. The trouble with hidden costs 




This is another issue customers face while ordering online. Small scale businesses do not tell hidden costs. Say, for example, a product cost is Rs. 200, but when a customer places an order, the amount comes as Rs. 250, which is not fair to the customer. 


This eventually leads the customer to pay more than they expected. 


  1. Unclear Website Problems 


Return refund policies


 Many websites do not have clear website policies of return and refund. Many consumers get confused due to vague stipulations of return and refund. When the policies are not appropriately defined, sellers reject a customer’s claim of return and refund. 


This is the biggest challenge faced by the customer online. A lot of these websites do not tell about guarantee and warranty. 


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  1. Complicated Navigation 


complex websites


A customer may feel lost because of the website, which is like a maze. Most of the customers get frustrated with the complex websites. 


  1. Uninteresting Interfaces




Websites with annoying interfaces don’t get much attention. Hence, it is essential to build an excellent website. 


Shoppers are impatient. Hence, small scale businesses must get their website on point so that they can attract more customers. 


If websites are correctly designed using good tools, small scale businesses can overcome these issues quickly. 


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