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8 Low-Budget Marketing Ideas For Small Business

Dhanshree lakka

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"The only real failure in life is not to be true to the best one knows. "

- Buddha


Marketing Plays a big role in the industry and its business to get a boom. If it is a small scale business or a Big MNC if there is no marketing you don’t have a business hold because customers do not know you exist. Marketing incurs costs which may affect small businesses, so in this piece of blog, you will see 8 low budget Marketing Ideas for small business. As small businesses already have lots of costs to deal with, good marketing is very well needed for them.


  • You can create instructional content video


Video marketing | Bulb And Key


It is one of the great marketing techniques where you can go for video content for your product or any specific marketing. According to the survey, Video marketing helps to grow 49% faster revenue as compared to non-video content. This type of marketing offers some advantages like brand awareness, total information of product, etc


  • You can go for the website


Website 1 | Bulb And Key


How will people know about your business? How will they know about your product? How will they contact you? The only answer is through your website,It plays a very important role in small business. A good website not only looks but an informative website(only required information) increases the chance of attracting more people.


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  • You can make your own Infographics


Infographics 1 | Bulb And Key


This can be counted as one of the most powerful marketing tools. It is attractive, eye-catchy, easy to understand and people are comfortable sharing them. It is an effective medium for spreading about the product and associated links. It requires a bit of creativity and hiring good infographics is expensive so if you are ok with taking challenges then it is the best way of marketing.


  • You can reuse your own content


Reuse your own content | Bulb And Key


Displaying your old content in a new way can be taken into consideration for good marketing. One can convert the blogs into an ebook or can do creative things like mashups of all the advertisements which leads to the creation of the new advertisement. 


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  • You can organize online contests


Online contests | Bulb And Key


Prizes and competition attract people and hence a good tool for marketing. Expensive gifts are not important for attracting participants. You can ask people to complete some tasks and give a privilege like coupons or some other benefits of your product.


  • You can have Business Cards


Business Cards | Bulb And Key


You can have  Business cards for marketing. You just need to give your business cards to whoever you meet, this will help people to contact you easily and also get information about your business.it can also be termed as hand to hand marketing.


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  • You can also rely on E-mail marketing


E-mail marketing 1 | Bulb And Key


It is an efficient and cheapest type of marketing. It can be termed as an easy and great way of getting new visitors and clients for your business. It also helps to maintain a good and formal relationship with your clients.


  • You can publish a writing(content writing)


Content writing | Bulb And Key


Publishing great content about your business and product can be considered as

A good way of marketing. You can’t deny the fact that people attract towards good writings so one can go for a good content writer for the business or can write on their own.


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Marketing in business is not an easy task, business deals with a lot of things like mouth publicity which is highly influenced by marketing, this blog gives detailed ideas on how you can deal with Marketing in small business and be cost-efficient. You can make videos, websites, Business cards and many things which can increase your mouth publicity as well if people know they make others know and customers need easy service like they will prefer a video rather than a detailed printed paper of your advertisement. 


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Dhanshree lakka

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