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7 Ways To Understand Your Target Audience Better


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"Creativity comes from trust. Trust your instincts. And never hope more than you work. "

- Rita Mae Brown


Did you know that as a marketer or a blogger, it is very crucial to understand your target audience? 


Well, knowing your audience is important in any marketing strategy. Now, the question is, how do you know them? 


To begin with, we all know that there has been diversity in marketing styles and strategies; hence it is easy to lose sight of the fundamentals of each strategy. Hence, only a few principles are important for success in every marketing strategy. 


And the most important key is to understand your audience in and out. In the market, the audience consists of people. Therefore, your first realization should be that your audience is made up of actual human beings with all the dimensions that come with unique experiences. You must understand their intention, question, problems, and the question they seek.


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Here are seven ways to understand target marketplace and audience better – 


  1. Do your research well


Your Research | Bulb And Key


Do your market research and make sure that you have selected the right target demographics for your brand. And it is advised not to rely on one target market demographics. Have enough information to make a wise decision. 


  1. Analyze your competitors 


Competitors | Bulb And Key


Evaluate your competitors’ brand tone, voice, and the type of marketing strategies they use. 

Analyze what they are doing, what techniques are they using, and what are the strategies they are following. This is an alternative form of marketing research. 


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  1. Create a customer persona


Customer Persona | Bulb And Key


The customer persona is a tried and trusted technique that is used by businesses to conceptualize their target demographics. It is an online form of creating an ideal ‘target customer.’ 

Usually, this takes the form of a fictional character whom you shape with information such as educational level, family life, career and income, personality traits, etc.
This helps in getting an idea of your target audience categories. 


  1. Know your clients personally


Know Your Client Personally | Bulb And Key


Make sure you know your clients on a personal level. Understand their demographics, concerns, and intention. This will help you define clientele well.

These insights cannot be applied to a general audience. Once you get to know your clients individually, you will start making useful generalizations. 


  1. Monitor comments and engagements


Comments | Bulb And Key


Comments and engagements are only important if you are running a content marketing or social media strategy. In that case, your goal will be to pay attention to how many people are responding to your work, how they are responding, and how often they are responding. 


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  1. Be a witness to external social habits


Witness | Bulb And Key


After analyzing, you can figure out what type of topics are your customer enjoying. 

The idea is to begin the social conversations and engagements that your target audience might be having with some other brand. 


  1. Conduct Surveys –


Surveys 1 | Bulb And Key


The best way to learn about your target audience is to ask them questions. It does not take much time to create a survey, especially with several tools. Whatever you want to know about your target audience, you can put in a question format and submit to social followers and email subscribers. 


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This way, you can quantify the results and walk away with all the insights. 


Why does your target audience matter? 


Brands can survive only based on how well they know their audience. When you are aware of your target marketing group and target behavior, your half work is done. 


For starters, a well-defined audience has a huge impact on the following aspects – 


  • The type of content your company prepares and distributes. 

  • Voice and tone of your brand and marketing messages. 

  • Places you will spend most of your time to find new leads. 

The biggest mistake brands make while trying to attract a lot of leads at one point in time. Remember, when you try to appeal to everybody, no one wins. You become another face in the crowd. 


The key is that marketers should drill down to their target audience, take out specific niches, and subsets of customers instead of taking a one-size-fits-all approach. 


Remember, it does not matter what your brand is saying or selling, your target audience is right out there, and it is your responsibility to find out what makes them tick. 


Follow the above seven ways, and you will be able to understand your target audience. These strategies will help you understand your target audience, but remember, this is only one side of the story. Once you know the habits, lifestyle, and behavior, you will need to mold your marketing strategy accordingly. 


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