6 Types Of Insurance A Small Business Need

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  • 9 Oct 2019

    It is a dream for many people to have their own business. They work really hard to make their dream into reality. Small businesses were always popular but with the usage of the Internet, it has got a wider reach of audience. This has inspired more people to start their own small businesses which will help in boosting the economy. 


    But having a well-equipped office and skillful employees doesn’t mean that you are all set, there are a number of other things that have to be taken into consideration, out of which one is insurance for your small business. Many business owners don’t give it much importance and later regret when they are sued by their own employees and other people. So, insurance is a must when starting any business. 


    They say, “Precaution is always better than cure.” You never know when your business gets burglarized, sued or catch fire, you should be ready in advance for it. Insurance coverage helps in minimizing the risks to a great extent. There are 6 important types of insurance that every small business needs to know in order to save their businesses from getting in trouble.


    Let’s go through them one by one and see how they can help you and your business.


    • General Liability Insurance

    This insurance covers all the claims for all the physical damages like body injuries, privacy breaches or property harm caused by you or your employees, products etc. If you don’t buy this insurance then you have to pay all the compensation money from your own pocket which can make you bankrupt in the worst-case scenario. It will also lower the rapport of your business in the market. This is one of the most important insurance that one must buy for small businesses.


    • Commercial Auto Insurance

     If your business uses any vehicle for work, then you should definitely take this insurance. It will save you if any accident or any damage is caused by your vehicle. If you don’t have any such vehicle but your employees drive cars or vans on company business, then you must have non-owned auto liability. It is important for the company to have this insurance if the employee doesn’t have any insurance coverage. 


    • Worker’s Compensation Insurance

    One of the priorities of any business is to take care of its workers. There should be certain measures for their safety. This insurance will help when workers face any kind of injuries or illness at the workplace. Every business should have this insurance so that they can compensate the medical bills and all other expenses of the employee. It also saves you from any kind of legal actions if taken by the employee. 


    • Umbrella Insurance

    Umbrella Insurance is like the base insurance for all your other insurance policies. If the limit of your different policies exceeds then this umbrella policy will provide you shelter. You can compensate for the rest of the money by using this insurance. It gives an extra layer of protection to you and your business.


    • Property Insurance

     This insurance provides coverage to all the office entities including employees. If there is any damage to the office property due to weather, fire, theft or any other reasons, then this insurance will save you. 


    • Data Breach

     Every business has some personal and confidential information of its employees and about the company. It is the responsibility of the business to keep it secure. If due to any reason the data gets breached then the company has to take the charge or else the employees will screw them. This data breach insurance policy prevents any legal proceedings to a large extent.



    One can’t predict the incidents of the future but can take a few measures that will help them to face the consequences. Insurance for your small business does the same thing, it saves you and your business from getting bankrupt and ending into legal problems. It is better to take these insurance policies prior because later anyways you will have to pay a lot of the money to get yourself out from it. So, buy these insurance policies and live your life in peace.



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