6 Tips For Lockdown Which Would Benefit Your Career

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"An invincible determination can accomplish almost anything and in this lies the great distinction between great men and little men. "

- Thomas Fuller


  • Introduction:


During this situation of Covid-19 pandemic, students have become mere couch potatoes browsing internet and binge watching over OTT Platforms all the time. Students are losing their productivity. It is attracting negativity in their life, which in some cases is leading to clinical depression, anxiety and these cases are rising day by day. The major reason of negativity amongst students is due to uncertainty of what would happen to their careers, will they be able to get the jobs in such market conditions and such other things etc.


A pan-India online study conducted by IIM Lucknow on “Understanding public sentiment during lockdown” revealed that 79% of people are worried and are surrounded by feelings of Fear and Sadness. Despite worries, several of people covered in the study were confident about India’s ability to curb the spread of pandemic.


The situation is uncertain. No one knows what would actually happen and when there is risk involved you can manage to mitigate it by strategic planning.


Students should use this situation to focus their energy planning for their career; enhancing their skill set; instead of creating panic and negativity.


Considering this global pandemic study from home is most preferred, convenient and feasible option taking into account various health issues and economic condition of the present time.


One need to be use this time fruitfully by having futuristic visionary and utilise this time in planning crucial thing such as career which would have huge impact in longer run.


IIT Bombay became first big educational institutions in the nation to completely go online for entire this academic year so one can understand gravity of the situation and rather than just waiting for things to get better pull up your socks and start working the best possible way.


Let me give you few tips of how you can use this time its benefit with long term prospectus. So, let’s utilise and invest our time for greater good.


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  • Area Of  Interest


SWOT Analysis


Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

Albert Einstein


Or to put it in other words, if you land yourself up in the wrong job, then you will be wasting half your energy in hating the job and that would do no good for your career or your life.


So, in order to identify your area of interest you can do SWOT Analysis of yourself to know your Strengths(S), Weakness(W), Opportunities(O) and Threats(T). So, that you can play by your strengths, try to overcome your weakness, explore your opportunities to best of your abilities and eliminate your threats.


2. When Love What You Do, You Dont Feel Like You Are Working




One should definitely be something one is very passionate about. It’s like do what you love, love what you do.


If you are stuck in a wrong place, doing something that you don’t enjoy doing then, at the end it will not only affect your professional life, but your personal life will also be hampered.


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3. Informed Decisions Help Save Time and Money

 3. Informed Decisions Help Save Time and Money


It usually happens with lot of students that they tend to choose any course just because it is trending or their friends are doing so. They usually enrol for preparation of competitive exams or take admission in a course they aren’t passionate about. A question arises that how to take up this informed decision?


The answer is you need brief information about the profession that you want to pursue for rest of the life. One can use internet, take help of your elders or take professional counsellors help to take a good decision.


It better to analysis all the options available that one can purse depending upon his/her interest. They end up wasting their parents’ money and important time of their life. So choosing the right career is very important.


4. Entrance Exam To Be Given and Its Preparation


Entrance Exam


Competition is high no matter what field you choose so, one needs to be fully aware about what is eligibility criteria for the course and entrance exams because today in India every national level exam has some or the other entrance exam.


5. Sharpening Your Skills


Sharpening Your Skills


One can utilise this time of the pandemic to upgrade your skill set to get become better in your professional life. The motto is learning something new that’s useful or may just a step ahead in pursing your hobby. There are lot of Webinars or Master Classes available for free or nominal fees. Join one that would help you or anything that you need to learn. Various e learning options are available like Udemy, Upgrad.com, etc


6. Work From Home Oppurtunities


6. Work From Home Oppurtunities


Mere getting degree on paper does not ensures that you will be able to make living out of it. Its one’s skill set that helps a person to earn money. So, even while studying one should always consider what are practical aspects of one’s field and should know how to abridge gap between academics and practical life. There are ample of Work from home opportunities available for students as well on websites like Internshala.


Hope these tips were helpful for you. Let me know which one was helpful for you. Take care of yourself and be safe at home. All the best for your bright Career.


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