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6 Business Ideas For Women That Will Help You Be Your Own Boss

Anisha Jha

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Did you ever think of starting your own business but soon gave up the idea because of the huge capital it would require?


And with that thought, all your dreams of being your own boss crashed to pieces. Starting your own business may sound scary. However, it’s only when you start it that you realize it isn’t that scary after all. 


Did you know that you can still be your own boss, lead an independent life, and make money with low or no investment at all?


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Here are six business ideas that you can execute right away and start making money without having to make huge investments. 


Offline Business Ideas


Handmade or Homemade Products


Handmade or Homemade Products | Bulb And Key


With the increasing number of products and the competition among them, there has been a decline in the quality of the product. 


Most of the readily available products are not that durable anymore. This has diverted people towards buying homemade products that are free of chemicals and last long.


It’s not to miss an opportunity for women like you who would like to start their own business. You don’t need much monetary investment. Time, effort, and a little money are all you need to start and scale the business. 


You can get started with the following business ideas right from your home.


  • Pickle Making
  • Agarbatti Making
  • Candle Making
  • Soap Making
  • Cloth and Jute Bag Making
  • Home Made Chocolates


Additionally, you can make beauty or herbal products or anything else. With the right strategy, local and online marketing, you can scale your business over time.


Beauty Parlor


Beauty Parlor | Bulb And Key


Grooming is the necessity of today’s world. It’s essential for both men and women. 


If you have the skills, start a beauty parlour for women right at your home. However, if you don’t know how to do it, then you can take up training from an institute or a parlour nearby.


To begin with, you can start with basic threading and waxing as it doesn’t require much money to buy the materials needed for these things. 


As you get better, increase your skills and expand your parlour with proper investment. 


This is a recurring business with very less or no chances of failure. 


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Tiffin Service


Tiffin Service | Bulb And Key


In this hustling and bustling city life, people don’t often find time to cook for themselves, hostelers, and employees specifically. 


On top of it, they compromise on their health by eating unhealthy and unhygienic food that is available to them.


Now, this is a great business opportunity for someone who loves to cook. You can start a tiffin center and provide quality food. 


The number of customers you get is directly dependent on the quality of your food. 


Initially, you alone can start the whole thing, cook, and pack the food. With time, as the business grows, you can hire individuals to work for you. 


Online Business Ideas


Sell Digital Products or Courses


Sell Digital Products or Courses | Bulb And Key


Are you good at writing, marketing, freelancing, sewing, copywriting, or any other skill in demand?


Well, the good news you can make money out of it.


This business requires no inventory at all. You can make templates, courses, sell ideas, and many more. 


Follow these simple steps to get started with selling digital products online


  1. Identify your expertise
  2. Create a course out of it
  3. Register on pre-existing platforms like Udemy or create a website
  4. Do some digital marketing and start making a recurring income by selling your courses. 


In these simple steps, you can easily start your business by literally selling your knowledge or expertise. 


You may also connect with affiliate marketers who can endorse your products. 


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Bank On Your Skill By Freelancing


Bank On Your Skill By Freelancing | Bulb And Key


Remote jobs are mainstream already, and it’s the future of work. More and more companies are looking for freelancers instead of employees as they get to work with the right candidate for their project. 


It’s the best chance to bank on the skill that you have while developing other skills along with it. 


Whether you’re good at writing, video editing, graphic designing, or marketing, now is the perfect time to mint money using it. 


Register yourself on freelancing platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, and many others. Build a portfolio, generate leads, and start working. 


You can also create an account on LinkedIn and other social media platforms. Invest in personal branding and then rock your freelance career. 


Grow Online And Monetize The Audience


Social Media Audience | Bulb And Key


To create an audience of your own is a big deal in today’s generation, for everyone is looking for attention. 


It’s not hard; rather, it gets easy once you decide your niche and work on it. 


Once you’ve decided the niche, you can create a blog, start a YouTube channel, or create a page on Instagram or Facebook. 


With relevant and consistent content, you can grow your audience. And once that happens, you can make money from ads or sponsorships.


It sounds easy in a nutshell, but you have to dedicate a lot of time and be patient with the process for things to work out in your favor. 


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Scaling a business is not difficult; starting a business is difficult. These were a few business ideas for women with low investment. With the right choice, determination, and hard work, you can get started with any business and scale it to heights. Good luck!


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