5 Most Effective Video Marketing Ideas for Small & Medium-Sized Businesses

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All kinds of businesses are putting out various kinds of content to attract and engage consumers. But, in this fast-moving life, it has become extremely difficult to grab consumer attention. The way people are viewing and exploring websites and social media platforms is rapidly changing.


According to research, video marketing is one of the most effective ways to engage with your consumer. It is understood that sending across communication visually and verbally, makes the consumers absorb and retain information for a longer time.  


A well-formed video will make your brand look more credible and give you more niche than only text websites.  It will also make viewers stay on your website more and inline help with SEO. The consumers will also have a clear vision about your brand and what you stand for, and hence will find it trustworthy.


Here are the 5 main types of videos that you can use on your website or to advertise on social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.for increased engagement.


1) Educational videos


lecture recording


Educational videos are an important part of digital literacy. Educational Video’s main purpose is to inform and teach. Educational videos can be targeted to a large learning audience- ranging from children to an older segment.


Educational videos require a lot of research and understanding regarding the subject. Professionals can easily make educational videos and can teach different genres like maths, languages, business, phycology, etc. and they can range from small 5 minute videos to hour-long ones depending on the subject. Educational videos can help by exposing students to different techniques and approaches to a subject that interests them. 


 An educational video can be of different subtypes like – screencasts, lecture recordings, presentations, infographic video, motion graphics, training, interviews, instructional videos, how-to explainer, Q/A, etc. 


We recommend to use a lot of visuals, have clear voice-over quality, use simple language, and go slow to make your video highly effective.


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2)  Product Demo Video


Product Demo Video


A product video, also known as demonstration video is made by a manufacturer/ brand to explain how the product functions, it’s benefits, the USP and also with a step to step guide on how to use it. The video also addressed the queries which consumers may come across. It gives proof that the product works as it is advertised and builds goodwill to a product. A well-made product video can also help brands save money on sales representatives.


According to research by Animoto, a Product Demo Video is 4x more likely to be watched than a text which explains the same. 


When one buys a new product, it comes with a long instruction manual and can be time-consuming. People prefer watching product demo videos to get started. For a customer who is willing to buy a new product, a Product Demo Video gives him all the details to make an informed decision to buy the product. 


A product video has well-defined visuals showing the product in action and explaining it with a voice-over. The voice of communication could be formal or informal. A product demo video could be for a children’s toy, an app or any other product category.


3) Personal and Company Testimonial Video


Personal and Company Testimonial Video


Client testimonials are one of the most effective ways to gain your prospective target audience’s trust. We are living in a world where reviews and ratings are of utmost importance. When was the last time you bought a product online without seeing its reviews? 


Personal Testimonial Videos are feedbacks of common people who have used to the product, have liked it and are hence endorsing it. In these types of videos, consumers share their experience using the product and how it benefitted them. In video testimonials, the emotions of the user are successfully communicated than via a text. As a consumer, you are more likely to be convinced by this type of feedback as it is relatable and are more likely to buy the product. 


Personal testimonials are highly effective and are often put on the brands website and social media platforms.


Personal Video Testimonials on services like – At home Salon, Weight loss transformations, College education, experiences, or products that can make life easier are proven to be very effective. 


Company testimonial videos are usually used to attract potential employees by giving a glimpse of the work culture and satisfied employees who talk about their work-life balance.  Company testimonials are great for B2B industries.  


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4) Event Videos


Event Videos


Event videos are a great way to show off the candid side of your company. The events could be as formal as press conferences, or as informal as bringing your dog to office day.


Depending on the brand personality you hold, you can choose to share these events videos on your social media profiles or even on your website.


Companies can go on Facebook / Instagram Live and reach out to the employees who couldn’t attend or the people who follow the page be a part of the event and the live session can be shared or posted on YouTube or other platforms. 


If a brand we follow goes live on Instagram or Facebook we get a notification for it and people tend to click on it resulting in high engagement.


A fun event at a company also makes the work atmosphere more desirable and people might think highly of the brand.


5) Blog Video


 Blog Video


Blogs are an essential part of a website to rank on Google. But just blogging can only get you to a certain level. Video Blogs are more engaging and can help viewers stay on your page for a longer period of time. 


A blog video can be instructional or inspirational. The good part of a blog video is that it could be DIY(shot on a mobile phone) and a professional camera crew isn’t necessary. 


A blog video should not directly promote the product in the video, but can give a call to action at the end subtly. You can share content like information/ ideas or tips and tricks on a blog video and give a glimpse of your brand’s work culture and its beliefs. 


A blog video can be highly effective when used in the right way.



Incorporating Video Marketing in your marketing strategy is a highly effective idea. Most of the competitors right now haven’t realized its importance and you will develop a niche for yourself. 


We recommend keeping the content creative, engaging with some kind of take away and also scheduling videos, and putting it out on a regular basis.


The right type of video marketing mediums can get you high impressions, engagement, interactions. 


I hope you are ready to start making great video content. “Camera rolling, ACTION!


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