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5 Guerrilla Marketing Ideas To Promote Your Business

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"Numberless are the worlds wonders, but none more wonderful than man. "

- Sophocles


Guerrilla Marketing is an advertisement strategy in which companies use unconventional interactions to promote a product or service. The term Guerrilla Marketing can be related to Guerrilla warfare(rebellion conflict and surprise)  as these tactics depend largely on elements of surprise. In this blog, you will see 5 Guerrilla Marketing Ideas to promote your business so you can have a better hold in the market by giving out unconventional reveals and surprises.


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1. Distributing free samples


Distributing free samples | Bulb And Key


Distributing samples of the product can be a great way for consumers as they know about your product and also for the provider as profit will increase. It is true, people love free products and it is a great marketing strategy on a larger or smaller scale. You should keep in mind that your product should have enough information so that they can find your product interesting and can search online also.


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2. Pop up shops


Pop up shops | Bulb And Key


It is one of the effective types of marketing where you have to start a temporary shop which is much easier to set up and take down for people so that they will know about your product. The major point you need to know before opening pop-up shops is Location. Location plays a vital role like placing a shop in an office or corner of the street, market place, fair, etc.


3. Geo-Fencing


Geo-Fencing | Bulb And Key


In this modern world, people are more into social media rather than in real and social media is one of the biggest platforms for marketing. Snapchat on-demand geo-filters is one of the coolest strategies for marketing. This means you can make a great impact on people from the sticker at a particular location as the sticker will be available only in a specific location or at any event while swiping through different filters. It just requires less than $10 or Rs766 to upload your sticker It gives facilities like sharing with other users and followers. Instagram can also be taken as consideration for marketing by applying a similar approach using hashtags


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4. Sticker marketing


Sticker marketing | Bulb And Key


It is a cheap way to get your brand in the outside world. Many people use their personal laptops, video consoles and other gadgets for showing the brand they love. It is one of the coolest ways of marketing as stickers are trending in youth. You can give away these stickers in any event or with some other brand. You can also stick your sticker with the logo in a specific location.


5. Posters , window clings and more


Posters , window clings and more | Bulb And Key


Handmade posters or e-posters, graffiti arts, widow clings are some of the creative and best type of advertising. You can rent a property or use your property to show off this art. This will help to have a great impact on an audience but keep the proper discipline about cleanliness while pasting posters or making arts and no negative comments.


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When you started reading the blog you came to a point which said about tactics like the surprise and Guerrilla marketing from top brands like Burger King, Bounty, and Unicef and so on included some mind-changing statements and created chaos which turned into business marketing, Example: Unicef posted “ What if bottles you purchased had dirty water?” this created an understanding that people should stop spending money on bottled water and utilize it in getting actually clean water where it is needed. This was the significance of Guerrilla marketing . This blog got you the 5 Guerrilla marketing ideas you need to know and start with.


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