3 Ps LinkedIn Optimisation Principle for Solopreneurs and Freelancers

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"Nobody will believe in you unless you believe in yourself. "

- Liberace


One personal LinkedIn poll concluded that 56% of LinkedIn users consider it a “Professional Platform.”


So, if you are a professional solopreneur or freelancer with a bag full of dreams to become a top leader of your industry, you have to develop your unique LinkedIn brand. Yep, you have to develop a unique LinkedIn brand reflecting your personality, career field, and beliefs.


Your LinkedIn profile is – your resume, experience gallery, testimonials center, business mirage, and so much. That’s why 44% of LinkedIn users earn more than $75,000 per year – wow! Thus, you urgently need to perfectly optimize your LinkedIn profile.


  • How to Improve your LinkedIn Profile for Maximum Exposure?


LinkedIn Profile for Maximum Exposure


You can effortlessly kick off your solo entrepreneurial success graph by tweaking with your LinkedIn profile a bit. Now, if you are planning to look at your competitor’s profile and modify your profile accordingly, just stop there – because you are unique, so your LinkedIn profile needs to be unique.


If you aren’t getting any ideas on “how to improve the LinkedIn profile,” just exhale and inhale before implementing the trusted ‘3 Ps’ formula. What’s that? Let’s figure that out –


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  • P – Profile Description


Profile Description


Firstly, when someone clicks over your LinkedIn profile, they are going to check out your 120 characters’ headline, which can only sum up a few things. But, up next, you have a big window of 2,000 words to tell your tale. If you can grab the viewer’s attention in the profile description section, you will definitely gain yourself a new LinkedIn connection who could be your potential client.


To optimize your LinkedIn profile description, you have to work on the following pressure points –


  • Hook Line


Hook Line 


How you doin’?’ This hook line can grab true FRIENDS fans attention immediately. Similarly, LinkedIn offers around 290-310 characters opportunity to grab viewers’ attention and compel them to click on “See More” – so use it smartly.


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  • Keyword Rich


rich keywords to optimize LinkedIn profile


Yes, you can use rich keywords to optimize LinkedIn profile similar to blogs and websites. You can click on your “search appearance” section to find out which keywords your profile has been searched the most, and you can incorporate them into your profile.


  • Tell your Story


Tell your Story 


Don’t make your LinkedIn profile description too much promotional or professional – you have to balance things between personal and professional. The best approach is to start from the beginning and wrap up with your future goals.


  • Strong CTA


Strong CTA 


In the end, you have created a LinkedIn profile to promote yourself or your services, so don’t forget to mention a strong CTA.


  • P – Photo


LinkedIn photo


The next stop is your LinkedIn photo, which has to be a perfect combination of friendly and professional. If you are a professional and looking forward to connect with professionals on LinkedIn, never use cats, flowers, or celebrities pictures – it simply screams fake profile. So, use your original picture as LinkedIn has given you two different places to use your pictures


  • Profile Picture


Profile Picture 


Use your high-resolution photo here and make sure that at least 60% of the frame is your face. You don’t have to wear your brand new suit or tie to get a LinkedIn picture clicked – your smiling face is sufficient for LinkedIn.


  • Banner Photo


Banner Photo 


Mostly, people keep this section empty, which a sheer waste of opportunity because you can visually flaunt your services in this section. You can use simple tools like Canvas to design a LinkedIn banner photo, or you can get it professionally done – but never leave this section empty.


  • P – Posting


LinkedIn posts


If you have perfectly optimized your LinkedIn profile description and photo, you won’t be seeing any traffic on your LinkedIn dashboard unless you regularly post. Your regular and relevant LinkedIn posts are the only way to boost your profile. Now, if you are wondering that you aren’t a creative person, so how can you post unique and trendy posts on LinkedIn daily? Just start reading other people’s posts, and you will automatically get ideas, or you can post something related to –


  • Touch Pressure Points




What are the stressful points of your career field? Is it the low payouts or job recognition? Just open your heart and connect with people who are sailing on the same boat as you.


  • Share your Knowledge




There are so many freshers and newbies out there who could benefit from your knowledge. So, use LinkedIn as an opportunity to grow your user base.


  • Talk about Real Issues


social issues


You should freely talk about social issues and your beliefs – it won’t look bad on your professional profile because sharing your cultural beliefs will help to connect with the people who share your vision.


  • 3 Ps of Success


3 Ps of Success


If you use three Ps of LinkedIn optimization perfectly, you can expect numerous new connection requests, profile views, and, hopefully, new opportunities knocking at your door. LinkedIn optimization isn’t hard; when you are following your heart and brain together, you can easily come up with a perfect LinkedIn profile.


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