10 Most Profitable Craft Business Ideas

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  • 25 Mar 2020

    Are you creative? Do you have any artistic skills? Do you love to do crafting? If Yes! you came into the right place. There is a large no. of businesses where one can exhibit their crafting or artistic skills. This type of business does not require much capital or machinery moreover one can start and operate their business at home. It also offers employment to students, women, and housewives. 

    So here are some great ideas for your craft business.


    • Basket Weaving 


    Basket Weaving | Bulb And Key


    Many biodegradable or environment-friendly products can be used for making a magnificent and stylish basket. Baskets have so many advantages like it can be used for gifting, as a utility item, etc. Customized basket is today’s trend.


    •  Candle making 


    Candal Making | Bulb And Key


    It is one of the most profitable types of business for any individual. There is more demand for candles in the  Indian market which is used for decorations, normal use, etc. You can also go for different scents and designs.


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    •  Ceramic Craft


    Ceramic Craft | Bulb And Key


    One can create day to day items like ceramic bowls and plates. You can also show your creativity by painting or customizing your item. It will go with any type of interior design.


    • Soap Maker


    Soap Maker | Bulb And Key


    It allows the individual to make soap products with different scents and designs. It has more demand in the Indian market.


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    • Handmade bags


    Handmade bags | Bulb And Key


    These are one of the favorites work of women. One can customize purses with different colors, props, etc. This business can offer high earning to the individual.


    • Costume Designer


    Costume Designer | Bulb And Key


    All-time demanding and profitable business . One can earn a lot by designing a costume. They can sell them or work with any events as a freelancer.


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    • Floral Artist


    Floral Artist 1 | Bulb And Key


    Who can say no to the flowers? The floral artist is an evergreen business where one can display a lot of creativity. You can make centerpieces or bouquets out of flowers.


    • Wooden Craft


    Wooden Craft | Bulb And Key


    There are well-being amount of efficient products that can be made through the wood. Handmade wood products have plenty of demands in the market so the person with carpentry and building skills can go for this business.


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    • Fabric Shop Operator


    Fabric Shop Operator | Bulb And Key


    If you are interested in the fabrics you can opt for your fabric shop where you can design your fabrics and offer to other designers and crafters.


    •  Embroiderer


    Embroiderer | Bulb And Key


    If anyone loves to customize products and want to show their creativity can go for embroidery business where people ask you to make initials, any picture embroidered on clothes or other items.




    With the increase in technology and different business options, people are more into “LESS INVESTMENT MORE PROFIT”, above mentioned crafts business follows these criteria which somehow increase the demand of crafts businesses. Craft business has a great future which gives a platform for showing real creativity of humans and earns a profit at the same time. The Internet plays the most important role in increasing the demand for craft business as it is a big platform for selling such type of items. 


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