10 Manufacturing Business Ideas for Small Businesses

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  • 28 Dec 2019

    With varying market trends, it is observed that nowadays customers are leaning towards higher quality personalized products. This is good news for small scale entrepreneurs! As consumers are now preferring to purchase from local and small scale providers rather than buying from mass manufacturers. This opens new doors for small and home-based businesses by providing fresh new opportunities in the market. 


    Small scale manufacturing is a booming industry in today’s market. Some of its many advantages are that it helps the economy by creating opportunities for employment, making use of local resources and the development of small scale manufacturing businesses helps in the decentralization of industries, that in turn promotes balanced regional development. 


    Along with the advantages that promote the economy and external factors; a small scale manufacturing business set up is relatively easy to set-up, requires lesser capital and can be a creative journey that lets the entrepreneur explore their field of interest and make a mark by creating a personal brand of their own.


    To give you a head start here are 30 manufacturing business ideas for small businesses:



    • Jute Bag Making




    With the plastic ban in place, the demand for jute bags has increased significantly. One can bank on this opportunity by starting a jute bag manufacturing business.



    • Packaging Boxes




    Packaging boxes are essential for packaging items and shipping them. With online shopping on the rise, the demand for packaging boxes has seen a significant hike. This proves to be a profitable business in today’s market because of its high demand and low capital investment.



    • Papad Making




    Papads are a staple in most Indian homes, keeping the high demand in mind one can start a papad manufacturing business as the investment required in starting this business is relatively low and the process of manufacturing papads is also easy and simple.



    • Hand-made Paper




    Hand-made paper is a necessity in most art and craft projects. The cost of manufacturing handmade paper is low as it recycles premade paper and the process is fast and easy.



    • Chutneys




    Chutneys are a favourite Indian accomplice to many mouthwatering dishes they are wide varieties you can choose to make and are easy to preserve.  



    • Custom Hand-made Jewellery




    Jewellery Making is a good option for all those entrepreneurs that have a creative side. Jewellery manufacturing is a profitable business as there is a large customer base for these items.



    • Invitation Cards and Envelopes



    Custom Made invitation cards and envelopes are another creative business manufacturing idea as they require an understanding of the requirements of the customer and also require low investment to start.



    • Shoelaces




    This is a lucrative business manufacturing idea as their demand is linked to the demand for shoes. India is one of the biggest shoe manufacturers in the world and thus the demand for shoelaces is also very high. This is a smart business idea as it requires a relatively smaller investment but can lead to big returns.



    • Pottery Products




    Pottery Products are a part of the cultural heritage of India. This business requires a certain skillset if you possess that then it is a profitable business idea as it contains a lot of variety and also has a high demand in the market.



    • Pickles




    Pickles are a must-have item in every Indian pantry, with high demand both nationally and internationally along with their long shelf life pickles are a safe and profitable business manufacturing idea.


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