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10 Home-Based Businesses You Could Start With Next To No Money

Joyeeta Mazumdar

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"You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star. "

- Nietzsche


If you want to grow your bank balance and reputation, start your own business. Therefore, below is the list of the professions you can run with no money at all from home.


Make products at home and sell them online


Make products at home and sell them online | bulb and key


The homemade products market is one of the most exceptional ideas that can work with absolutely no money. You can make art and craft products, stitch any clothes, or be creative for interior decoration products.

This business is rather famous for every woman entrepreneur, majorly. This business can run online very fast because you will be making utterly unique products. They will not be easy to copy either for others.


Sell your expertise online


Sell your expertise online | bulb and key


Your expertise can be in anything. It can be marketing, finance, strategic planning, marriage councillor or consultant. You can even be a divorce councillor. Apart from that, you can train or educate kids online.

Besides that, you can become a life coach, social media manager, content marketer, content creator, and many more. There are lots of opportunities for you to excel in with almost no money but only your intelligence. 




Create digital products


Create digital products | bulb and key


Nowadays, as the digital era is at its boom and still soaring very high, you can create a new digital product and sell them online at your favourite price tags. These products can be any website, application, blog page or post, ebook, any particular course, reports, presentation, etc.

Mostly, these digital products are required by high-level executives or CEOs of the company. That is because they have less time to focus on the generation of websites, content, or even reports. 

So, you can efficiently work for them if you are good at it.


Start an affiliate marketing business online


Start an affiliate marketing business online | bulb and key


For this, first, you have to grow your reader base. Once that is done, you can collaborate with other brands and companies. You can then earn a steady commission from the sales generated because of your recommendations on the affiliate marketing blogs or websites.

This is not a smooth or easy task, though it requires no money as such. You must be aware of the market trend, know how to write an affiliate marketing post about a product or a service.

Then you must be a good pitcher. You can convince the brands or the social media campaign creators that you can get them the desired set of sales.




Become a freelancer 


Become a freelancer | bulb and key


Freelance or the gig economy is going up on the success ladder across multiple nations as of now. So, you can register yourself on websites like Fiverr, Freelancer.com, Upwork, and others.

From there, you can generate a steady income. For this, you need to draft a correct, catchy, and convincing proposal. This can only be made once you know what kind of freelancing services you would provide to the different sets of clients.

Once you have served a handful of clients, do not forget to ask them to leave a testimonial on your wall or profile. This will be helpful for your online goodwill on that website.

When different project creators swift through your profile, they will know which projects you did earlier with the result mentioned in your testimonials. 


Give paid computer training online


Give paid computer training online | bulb and key


If you are already too well in computers and different software, you can teach the same to other students at ease. You can even start earning from these lessons you teach.

First, make a list of the software or programs you use and are good at. Then, check whether these software like different content management tools or CRMs are in demand or not.

Then, find those people on websites like Coursera, Udemy, Quora, FB, Insta, and more. You can easily pitch your skills with a strong portfolio. Thus, always ensure that you have your portfolio ready.




Arrange flowers at home before their delivery


Arrange flowers at home before their delivery | bulb and key


This is a very small-scale business, but you can do so by tying up with a florist. This job requires a lot of creativity. You need to design different wreaths, bouquets, or a small flower very nicely and neatly.

The entire game is of the presentation of the flower that’s demanded by the end-customer. For this, you can talk to a florist, if he or she lives nearby. 


Bake and sell cookies and cakes


Bake and sell cookies and cakes | bulb and key


If you are a baker and cannot get enough ideas out of your head, start monetising it from now onwards. To do so, you must build a genuine profile online. You can get your ads printed on nice handmade or digital pamphlets as well.

You can easily circulate or market yourself on digital platforms, in the neighbourhood, or on social media applications. This business highly depends on word-of-mouth and ratings. So, make sure your friends get to taste what you bake. 

Then you can start selling cookies, chocolates, and even cakes for special occasions for anyone in your immediate or extended circle.




Become a research analyst


Become a research analyst | bulb and key


If you love searching content online and generating insights like a data scientist, this profile is for you. You can even build a small team as you start to build more clients. Then, your team together be called a small Research & Development consultant or firm.

The only task of the entire would be to research the market trends, study the latest happenings for the client of a particular, and give them the insights as per your knowledge.

This task is pretty impressive for those who love to read, interpret, compare different materials, and finally, draw better conclusions regarding a particular niche.


Become a pet sitter


Become a pet sitter | bulb and key


This is a less explored niche that you can start if you have a big heart full of love for domestic animals. You can start and spread word-of-mouth about your expertise in handling touch and sensitive animals.

Then, whenever your friends or extended family members are out of town, city, or country, you can easily rope in and start pet sitting services.

In brief, this is a fun business to run. However, you must love to spend your time around different animals. But you will have to ensure that those pets are safe and fed regularly.




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