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Trishant Nimsarkar

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"Heaven, in the production of things, is sure to be bountiful to them, according to their qualities. Hence the tree that is flourishing, it nourishes, while that which is ready to fall, it overthrows. "

- Confucius


Out of the limitations comes creativity. We have heard a lot about creativity and how it is the medium for intelligence to have some fun. Creative people are constantly upgrading the genre they step into. With all that being said we must now acknowledge a talented and creative baker Vinita Phalak.


Vinita has done her Bcom and Mcom. She was in her CA years when her passion and interest for baking erupted. Vinita has always been fond of creativity that can be relished into cakes, she has been a good baker since her college days. Her friends and family were very fond of the way she baked and the way her cakes tasted, they were so mesmerized that they always believed in her, so that was the moment when Vinita decided never to look back, left her exams for the sake of baking and trying out some new dishes. “When my friends and family used to appreciate my cakes I used to get really boosted up.” Full of self assurance Vinita knew that this is her ‘forte’. She used her creative skills to glorify the cakes she made. “I was very good at art so that was a good transition for me to use these skills and make my cakes visually appealing.”







While all of this was happening, our talented home baker Vinita decided to take up baking classes from White Lotus. “It was a 3 month course I did, it was basic but it taught me a lot of valuable skills”. She enjoyed every bit of that and decided to turn it into a business, following that, Vinita opened Facebook and Instagram handles to support her business on the digital medium as well. Everything was going the way Vinita intended them to go.


Vinita has been baking for 2 years now and is already the favorite of many cake enthusiasts. As far as her baking speciality is concerned, Vinita makes fresh cream cakes “I prefer fresh cream cakes over fondant cakes.” Her favorite flavour to bake is the Dutch Truffle, Vinita is a specialist in these specific types of cakes.







Vinita mentions her most challenging project ever, it was a 3 tier 22 inch cake which she baked for the HDFC chief on his 60th birthday, “transporting such a huge and heavy cake was a big challenge with 8 to 10 human miniature figures made out of fondant.”






In the upcoming five years Vinita would like to see herself handling a cake studio of her own with a display of her mesmerizing cakes, and she is willing to spread her skills and help out young and budding bakers. She wants to be termed into the top bakers and we are sure that she will make it, considering her passion and dedication towards her craft.


Speaking of that, Vinita has a special advice for young and budding bakers, “Find your passion initially and once you have done it then give your 100% to complement your passion”.




Vinita gave us an example about how creativity helps in the arena of baking “ If you are provided with a project of a specific type of design that can use your creative brain power to make it more appealing, and it works most of the time, and, clients love it.”

One thing Vinita wants to shed a light on is the importance of overcoming failures, she believes that failures open the door for more opportunities.






She appreciates Bulb and Key for helping her out with her delivery concern and making things a lot easier for her, we appreciate such a unique talent like yours too Vinita.

Bulb and Key wish her the best of luck to keep Baking em up!.




Trishant Nimsarkar

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