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Read The Success Journey Of The Pastry Chef Lavanya V Kotha, Known As The Master Of Baking

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"He who is contented is rich. "

- Lao Tzu


“There will be times when you feel like quitting and lose hope. But you should not give up so easily. You must go ahead and try your best.” – Lavanya V Kotha


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Life is all about the choices one makes. Your decisions in life are a reflection of your choices. And that is why when taking any decision in life, you should never bother what people would say. People always tell from their experiences which could differ from yours. So, become the boss of your life and take your decisions wisely and do what you feel is correct. 


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The personality we are talking about today is the one who followed her heart and did what she felt right. Lavanya V Kotha, a home baker turned chef from Bangalore who nurtures amateurs to professional bakers. She is a renowned cake artist, patissier specialised in egg-free and gelatin free cakes. Lavanya has developed many recipes and is a master of cake decorating. She is a born creative genius who is contributing a lot to the baking industry.


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Lavanya was working in the education sector before she started baking. She has served as the Principal of the school for 17 years. But for Lavanya, her family was always her priority. While she was working, she used to make different recipes for her daughter. She would try to manage both her work and family. But then after working for so long, she just wanted a break from her teaching job. So, she thought of quitting her job. She left her job and was happy with the decision. 


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Now she used to be at home for most of the time which she quite enjoyed for some days but very soon started feeling bored. To overcome her boredom she used to make desserts that were delicious and amazing. She made her mind to start baking as her full-time profession. She wanted to learn from the best. So, she traveled around the world and trained herself under famous international pastry chefs and chocolatiers. She came back to India and started her own institute of baking named Kruthi – Art of Baking. It is one of the best professional baking institutes in Bangalore and the only institute in South India that teaches egg-free baking.


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On sharing her memorable experiences, she says, “In 2014, there was an event in a cake studio named 32 Degree Studio where I was a part of a team of six home bakers. We have made a Santa Clause cake weighing more than 350 Kgs and everything was made out of cake and no dummies. And the highlight of the cake was that Santa Clause was standing on one leg. We got recorded in the Limca Records for this cake. This is one of the special moments of my baking journey which I will cherish forever. The sense of joy and satisfaction that comes from these moments cannot be explained in words, it can just be felt.”


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“I do photography, cake styling and read a lot of books. I want to transfer the right knowledge to people about baking. I publish all my recipes on our website so that people can refer and learn from it. There are many things that are not right in the baking business. My main priority is never money, I always focus on sharing the right knowledge to the people. I believe in exploring something new every day. I like to live my day to the fullest.”, she says, describing her interests apart from baking and her motive behind the baking business.


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When you are already settled in a job, then it becomes difficult to leave it and start something fresh. It needs a lot of courage and support to do something like this. Lavanya took this risk and left her teaching job. She clearly knew her priorities. You should be absolutely sure about the decisions you take in life, there should not be any regrets later. The journey of Lavanya is all about following your heart and knowing your priorities and be the best at everything you do.


Just do what you feel right and don’t bother about others. – Lavanya V Kotha


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