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The Story of ‘Cake Woman Of Agra’ Who Rule Hearts With Her Delectable Cakes

Aparna Jaiswal

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“This is the age of super specialization. Be very good at something instead of becoming a Jack of all trades. There is a crazy competition in the market and you must be the best at what you do.” – Komila Sunejadhar


Komila needs no introduction. She has made cakes for many celebrities including Hema Malini, Malaika Arora, Poonam Dhillon, famous TV celebrity couple Rashmi Desai and Nandish Sandhu, TV actress Neha Saxena and many more. She has got a nomination for the ‘HT Woman of the Year award’ because she trains women who want to enter into the baking industry for free of cost. Apart from this, she has won many recognitions and awards for her work.



Komila never likes to settle for less. She is someone who has the zest of making everything possible whatever she dreamt of. It would have been a roller coaster journey for her but she never gave up. To become a winner in the end, you have to be a fighter in every aspect of your life. 


Komila being a pharmaceutical engineer was working in Ranbaxy and her life was going good. Then she got married and came to Agra. She was living in a joint family where her father in law asked her to stay with them for some years to which she politely agreed.



Almost a year later, it was her husband’s birthday and she was looking for a perfect cake for the occasion. She went to the best bakeries in the town but wasn’t satisfied with anyone of them. Then she realized that a lot of improvement has to be done in this sector. 


Komila addressed the issue to her husband and he being very supportive encouraged her to start her own bakery business. It was their vision to give the best of the cakes to the people of Agra. To excel her knowledge in baking, Komila went to Bangalore and learnt the basics of baking. Her teacher always used to tell that she had a passion for sugarcraft. She was convinced that she would do something that benefits the people of Agra.



After completing the course, she came back to Agra and wanted to work with the bakers of the Mughal Sheraton Hotel. But they were quite experienced and also baking was a male dominating industry at that time. It was getting difficult for her to work with them. So she started her own bakery which she named as MKOP(My Kind Of Place). It was not just a bakery store but was more like a cafe where people can hang out with friends and family and can enjoy delicious cakes, cupcakes and all other baking desserts.



Komila says, “Life is beyond your main profession. I love writing, traveling and photography. I am also into modeling. I like to live my life to the fullest and for that, I keep on exploring new things.”, when asked about what she likes to do in her leisure time.


When you have struggled a lot to achieve something, you very well understand the journey of others. You can relate to their pains and struggles. Komila likes to pen down the inspiring journeys of the unsung heroes of Agra. However, she doesn’t write professionally but expressing their stories in her own words gives her a sense of joy. She shares them on her social media accounts so that they get some recognition. She likes to spend her time doing something creative which is commendable.



Komila says, “I have got all the name and fame from the people of Agra. So it is my duty to give back to society. When I hire employees, I make sure that they are trained very well. Because if you share your knowledge with others, you help them grow and that is how you become better.”


Komila’s journey has been fabulous so far. She has completed 17 years in this industry which is huge. Entering into a business that was primarily male dominating and then creating something on your own and leaving a mark in the society is not easy. She has come a long way for which she deserves huge applauds. 



Talking about her best experiences, she says, “When I get good reviews for my work, it makes me really happy. For me, my customers are very important. If they are satisfied with my work, I feel that I have done justice to my craft. The best moment I can remember is when a chef from Malaysia came to India and was asking about me and my bakery, that feeling was surreal. I could not believe that someone from abroad was interested in my work. These are the moments that you cherish the most in life”. 


Komila aspires to expand her baking business not just in India but also internationally. She has already represented India in different countries for various baking competitions. Also, she wishes to create a huge team that should largely contain women because it helps them to upgrade their social status. Komila comes from Uttar Pradesh where women are not given enough opportunities to showcase their talents. In such a place if you can help women to grow, nothing can be better than that. 



It is truly inspiring to see what Komila has made on her own when she had nothing. This is called a success story. She is not only famous in India but in other countries as well. It doesn’t matter what you are born with, the thing that is more important is what you make out of your life. 


Your purpose in life should not be only earning money but should be able to help people with your work. – Komila Sunejadhar


Aparna Jaiswal

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