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The Journey Of The Baker Anna Sebastian Who Strongly Believes That Balance In Life Is Very Important

Trishant Nimsarkar

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"To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe. "

- Anatole France


“Every business aims at earning profits but it is very important to focus on customer welfare.”     – Anna Sebastian


In every person’s life there are so many tasks to be accomplished. The best way of pursuing your hobbies and your profession simultaneously is by multitasking. When you are in love with your hobby it automatically drives you to do multiple activities.



The personality we are talking about is a creative, talented and focussed person who does multitasking. Anna Sebastian is a baker and is also working in a Public Sector Company. She knows to maintain proper balance between her job and baking. The best part about Anna is that she is doing multitasking efficiently.


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As a school kid Anna was passionate about cooking. Cooking different kinds of cuisines became Anna’s favourite past time. Around ten years back microwaves were newly introduced in India. There was a recipe book that was provided along with the microwave. Anna and her mother tried baking a chocolate cake using the microwave. She enjoyed the whole experience of baking thereby developing an interest in this field. She started baking cakes for family occasions where she received a lot of appreciation. Slowly she started receiving orders for baking cakes from her close family and friends. This gave her an idea to start a baking business. It has been around seven years now that she is into the baking business.


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Remembering about her first client Anna says, “I received my first order from a colleague who was working with me in my earlier workplace. I had to bake a cake for her son’s birthday. Back then I was living in Kerala. The delivery place was quite far from my home. I baked the cake, packed it nicely, and travelled by train to deliver the order. This being my first professional order was a memorable one.”


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Anna shares one of her recent experiences. She says, “I recently received an order to bake a cake for a two-year-old girl’s birthday party. I got an amazing feedback for the cake not only from the client but also from the people who attended that party. This increased my number of clients.”


Christmas is the best time for ordering cakes and other bakery products. Last Christmas Anna received a corporate order of two hundred and fifty hampers. After making the hampers it had to be put into a basket that required a lot of decorations. She used her creative skills and made beautiful hampers. It was a hectic time for her. But she managed to complete the order.


Anna is planning on enhancing her baking skills. She says, “In the coming years I am planning to learn making French pastries, cookies and other kinds of bakery products. I am also going to start making home-made bread as it is healthy.”


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Anna wants to advise the budding bakers that, “Baking is a field where you need to keep trying out new recipes. It is important to think out of the box in this business. You need to be updated about the current trends. Just for the sake of earning money don’t manipulate the cost of the products. That is not the right way of gaining market share. You cannot be successful overnight. It takes time and patience.”


Life is full of challenges. It is essential to identify your priorities. From Anna we can learn that once your priorities are sorted then sky is the limit to your success.


“Knowledge is limited but Imagination has no end” – Anna Sebastian


Trishant Nimsarkar

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