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Story Of A Home-Baker Who Believes Practice Is The Key To Success

Samikshya Borse

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"Fortune favours the brave."

- Virgil


“You have to give your clients the best that you can. So just practice, practice and practice!” – Dolly Gulwani


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For any artist, hard work, determination and focus are extremely vital factors for long-term sustenance. It is no different for the brilliant home-baker Dolly Gulwani, founder of Dessert Box by Dolly. This bakehouse specializes in customized cakes and varied desserts which are a must try. 




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Dolly is a home-maker and started baking a few years ago. One day, she came across a recipe for a simple Chocolate Cake and decided to try it out. The cake turned out really well and this motivated her to start baking for friends and family and eventually for clients. Since she was getting such good feedback, she decided to enhance her skills and enrolled for a fondant course in Pune itself. One commendable fact about Dolly is that she still keeps attending workshops and demos on baking to keep her skill-set updated. 




Dolly Gulwani cake 3 | bulb and key


She remembers her first commercial order, “It was for a friend’s daughter, who had a party for 30-40 people. I had never done something this big so I was very nervous. At first I refused to do it but on their insistence, I eventually did. Even though I was short of experience and resources at that time, I managed to pull it off. It was a major achievement for me!”.




Dolly Gulwani cake 4 | bulb and key


Dolly loves baking whipped cream cakes the most and swears by the Tiramisu. Sharing her most challenging project till now, she says, “It was a Ferrari Car Cake. A crazy amount of work went behind it – getting the shape and all the detailing right, the tyres – everything was crazy. So I spent many hours doing that. Making a customized sports car cake is not an easy task, it requires a template, a lot of measurements and other stuff. But the cake turned out to be really good in the end.”




Dolly Gulwani cake 5 | bulb and key


As baking is her passion, Dolly does not have any monetary goal in mind for her business. She is just enjoying the process. She explains, “I am not doing it for the money so I don’t want to open a bakery or expand my business in that way. I am happy working from home, baking at my own pace, whenever I have the time. This way I am able to spend some quality time with my family and friends as well and am able to balance everything properly. I have a good, loyal customer base who repeatedly order from me and I am quite happy with the response I am getting. Skill-wise though, there are a lot of things that I want to learn, like how to make sculpted cakes, gravity cakes, the bust cakes – all those complicated things!”




Dolly gulwani cake 6 | bulb and key


Talking about her experience working with Bulb and Key, she says, “It has helped me a lot in my cake deliveries. Through them, I know that my cakes will always reach safely and before time. So it is great working with them.”


Dolly Gulwani cake 7 | bulb and key


For all the budding bakers out there, Dolly advises, “All you need is more and more practice. You have to give your clients the best that you can. You cannot see something online, just replicate it and give it to the client in the first go itself. You have to test it out, improve on your designs and skills and only when you are confident about the product, should you start taking orders. A poorly done cake will not only be a waste of the client’s money, but also it won’t look good on your profile. So keep learning and updating your skills as well.” We totally agree!




Dolly Gulwani cake 8 | bulb and key


The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is practice. – Dolly Gulwani




Samikshya Borse

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