Read the inspiring story of Shivani Erichedu who started from scratch and turned herself into a successful baker

Shivani Erichedu

  • 30 Nov 2019

    “I got my first order of an 8 kgs birthday cake which was my biggest challenge. My husband, who was and is my pillar drove me down from Pune to Mumbai in order to get my equipment and ingredients to bake the cake. The cake was a huge success and this was definitely my most unforgettable and memorable experience.” – Shivani Erichedu




    You see and experience a lot of things and a memory of it stays with you forever. These memories and experiences help you to make choices in life. Shivani says, “My mom used to bake cakes since I was a kid. Those were the times when cutting a cake on New Years was a tradition and buying a cake from a shop or bakery was very expensive. Hence, I have grown up watching and observing my mother bake and picked that skill and passion for the art from her. However, just when I was self-learning and understanding the art of baking, I was about to be a mother and decided to put this in the back seat as I wanted to focus on my kid.”



    I prioritized my family over work and thought my kid needs more attention and time. But obviously, somewhere inside my heart, I was hoping that if I get to start baking again, I will definitely do it. After my kid got a little older, my husband pushed me to start pursuing my passion for baking. I didn’t go to any professional baking institute and wanted to learn everything on my own. For almost three years, I have not baked much. I wasn’t sure if I could pursue baking as a full-time profession. For me, it was like starting from scratch.



    While I was in this whole dilemma, I stumbled upon a quote written in The Alchemist stating- “When you want something, the entire universe will conspire in helping you achieve it.” That was the day when I decided to give it a try. I started watching YouTube videos and reading blogs of Veena Azmanov and Joy Of Baking in order to understand the basic concepts of baking. I kept myself motivated and tried really hard.



    If you give your best at what you do. there is nothing in this world that you cant acheive. It was the same for Shivani who just wanted to learn baking in spite of all the odds. The result was obviously fruitful for her and soon she mastered the art of baking.



    Never be scared of opportunities and always give it a try. With discipline and dedication, you can acheive everything. – Shivani Erichedu


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