Learn From Baker Rakhee Mitruka How To Fall In Love With The Work You Do

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  • 4 Dec 2019

    “I treat every cake that I make as a work of art, just like a painting or a sculpture. I think that baking is a profession that will make you fall in love with creating and pull you closer to bringing joy to people.” – Rakhee Mitruka


    Life can be very unpredictable, it can land you in places you never thought you’d end up. This was the case with baker Rakhee Mitruka who, five years ago never thought that she would voluntarily spend time in the kitchen, let alone make it a career.


    Ferrero Rocher Cake by Rakhee


    “I was the type of person who would dread going into the kitchen at first, but now I’m so engrossed in my career that now all I can think about are cakes,” says Rakhee. Based in the city of Siliguri she is a self-taught baker who has been in the business since the past four years. She was pushed forward into baking because of her daughter, “she always used to ask me to bake cakes, I learned how to bake because of her constant pleading.” adds Rakhee.


    Her first big attempt at baking was when her daughter asked her to bake a doll cake for her birthday. “My interest peaked after that, I started baking a lot for friends and family.” Just like that, she landed her first order, on the request of her friend she got an order to make a cake for the dance institute she used to go to. “Everyone loved the cake, the order was such a success that after that day I instantly had 15 more orders lined up back to back.”


    Kids Cake by Rakhee


    This gave her a big dose of motivation she needed to professionally start her business. “Since the first day of my baking journey, the first thing I decided was, that no matter what happens, I will never compromise or degrade the quality of my cakes just to save a few rupees.”


    “A couple of my favourite flavours of cake personally, are chocolate crackle and butterscotch,” she adds, the flavours became so popular with her clients that regulars always request the same again and again.


    Hanging Cake by Rakhee


    Apart from being a successful home baker she also provides baking classes to aspiring bakers. When asked what her plans were for the next five years were she has developed an interest in sculpting and hanging cakes. “I want to develop my skills towards sculpting and hanging cakes, and spread this art in the city of Siliguri.”


    “As a home baker myself, I would suggest other aspirants give their 100 percent and never slack off. Always keep working hard as the efforts you put in will come back to you double fold.” Rakhee advises


    “Dream big, stay positive, work hard, and enjoy the journey.” – Rakhee Mitruka


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