Nothing is Impossible if you are Determined to do it, says Baker Smita Jain


  • 10 Nov 2019

    “Dreams can be fulfilled only if you are determined and focussed to achieve it” – Smita Jain


    Now-a-days most people are foodies. Foodies are such people who get immense pleasure from food. Foodies indulge in variety of cuisines. Smita Jain is one such baker who is a foodie and loves cooking tasty food. She is a determined woman who has made her love for cooking food as her profession. She takes orders for different flavours and themes of cakes. She is successfully running a training institute named ‘Smita Cake Classes’.



    ‘Smita Cake Classes’ was started in the year 2012. Smita conducts various cooking classes and workshops. She takes chocolate classes, gravy premix classes, biscuit and cookies classes, fondant cake classes and calligraphy classes. She also organises summer and winter workshops for kids who want to learn the art of cooking.


    Smita says, “As a school girl, I used to enjoy cooking for family and friends. Slowly I developed an interest in baking cakes. Back then I had baked a cake for one of my closest friends who enjoyed it so much that she suggested me to take up baking as a career. I thought about it seriously and felt that pursuing cooking professionally is what I really want to do. Today I am very happy with this decision.”



    Recollecting about the best experiences, Smita says, “From the time I started my baking business I have got many orders and received a lot of appreciation for the cakes and other bakery products I have baked. But what really makes me happy is when I get feedback from small kids who really enjoy and eat the cakes I have baked. I think that there is nothing better than bringing happiness on the faces of small kids and I am glad that I am able to do that.


    Smita says, “Recently I had baked a cake for a client. By the time it had to be delivered, the cake had become soggy. I was really tensed at that point and didn’t know what to do. Then I calmed myself down and with the help of my husband I prepared the cake again and managed to deliver it. This was definitely an unforgettable experience for me.” This was one of her most challenging experience.



    In the coming few years Smita is planning to expand her business. She wants to increase the number of orders that she is taking. She also wants to conduct more workshops for kids. Smita says, “I feel that there are so many talented children who are interested in cooking and don’t get a platform to explore their talent. Through my training institute I want to teach as many kids as possible.”



    Smita shares a piece of advice to the budding bakers by saying, “Culinary is an excellent field to build your career. It is not an easy path to achieve success in this field. But if you are patient, determined and plan properly then nothing can stop you from achieving your dreams. I feel that now-a-days people are running behind money. But it is also important to enjoy your work. So I would suggest to the budding bakers that enjoy your job and do it passionately then automatically you will earn large amount of money.”


    Smita Jain is definitely a source of inspiration for many people who wish to grow in the field of culinary.


    “Hard work is the only way to succeed in life” – Smita Jain


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