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Multi-Tasking At It’s Best: Learn From Pooja Gore How To Handle Two Professions Simultaneously

Aparna Jaiswal

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“Try to invent your own recipes, don’t just copy others. If you want to stay in this baking business for the longest time, you need to be authentic.” – Pooja Gore



Creativity has no boundaries. When you possess an artistic mind, it becomes easy for you to enter into more than one careers. Creativity is the most important thing for any job and there are people who are using their skills at their best and earning a handsome amount of money from it. The personality we are talking about today knows how to balance passion for multiple things. Pooja is an Interior designer and a Baker. She is handling both things very well. She is setting an example that it is possible to simultaneously work on different things and can still be the best at it.




Pooja used to bake cakes since she was a child. Baking gives her immense joy. And so when she thought of doing Interior Designing as her full-time job, she didn’t leave her passion for baking. Initially, she was baking just for a hobby but later she started taking it seriously as a business. Now she is efficiently dividing her time for both of her jobs.  



Talking about her experiences, she says, “My first client was my best friend. She had ordered some cakes and chocolates. She was the one who encouraged me to start baking as a profession and then there was no looking back. The best experience that I can remember is of my client from Japan. One of my friends had their clients in Japan. So, my friend once offered them my chocolates and they really liked it. Since then, they are ordering chocolates from me. This was something unexpected. I never ever thought that someone from Japan would like my chocolates. It was a surreal experience for me.” 



“I find cream and fondant cakes very common these days. So, I like making tea time cakes very much. Most of my clients love cream free tea time cakes. They are simple and healthy.”, she says when asked about the cakes she likes to bake the most.



When you handle multiple professions at the same time, obviously you get exhausted. But, if you look at the brighter side, you get to learn a lot. You have so many experiences that teach you how you manage things in life. Multi-tasking helps you to stay active all the time, your mind becomes sharper. It is very important to learn new things in life otherwise you will be left out in this competitive world. 




Don’t become stagnant in life, always experience new things and learn to grow. – Pooja Gore


Aparna Jaiswal

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