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Meet This Talented Baker Sindhoora Rai Who Defines Passion And Perseverance

Aparna Jaiswal

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"The odds of hitting your target go up dramatically when you aim at it. "

- Mal Pancoast


“Innovation and practice are the two most important things in any profession. It is always required to think out of the box and to bring those ideas into reality, you need a lot of practice. It helps you to understand the depth of the art and makes you better at your craft.” – Sindhoora Rai



You can do anything as long as you have the passion, the drive, the focus, and the support. For the growth of any business, all these things are absolutely necessary. Your passion should drive you to work harder and be focused. And at the end, the support of your family and friends means a lot. If they are with you, your journey becomes a little easy. Whenever you fall, you know that you have someone’s back. 





This Mangalore based baker Sindhoora Rai has always been passionate about baking. She often used to bake cakes and cupcakes for her family, relatives and friends. They were very encouraging and would tell her to try new cakes and desserts. Their support gave her the confidence that she can take up baking as a full time profession somewhere in the future.



Suddenly, one day she got a big order from college students for making fifty cupcakes. She was very happy and it was like a morale-boosting experience for her. She says, “There are not many home bakers here in Mangalore. So people quickly recognized my work and started giving me orders. That’s how my journey of professional baking began.”





For about three years, she was baking cakes and didn’t experiment with other baking items like pastries etc. She had always liked french pastries and wanted to know how to bake them. So, she thought of enrolling herself into a pastry school in Bangalore where she could learn the art of pastry making.



On sharing her experiences in the baking business, she says, “Whenever I get good reviews for my work, it makes me feel on the top of the world. Nothing gives me more happiness than this. I think these are the moments that every baker lives for. People come with crazy ideas for their cakes and it becomes quite challenging to implement them. But I never lose faith in myself. I see a lot of related videos and read about it and try to deliver the cake as best as possible. And finally when the client likes it, I feel satisfied.”





Sindhoora wishes to have her own bakery store. She says, “I feel that there are a lot of things that I have to learn before starting my own bakery. I am working on it, hopefully very soon, I will do it.”


“For me, practice has been my biggest weapon. I was not very good when I started baking. But I just kept on practicing and learning different things from wherever I can. You can develop the craft by continuously working on it. So, I would say ‘Practice made me perfect.’, she says, when asked what advice she would like to give to the budding bakers.





Sindhoora has pursued something that she loves very deeply. When you love what you are doing, then you don’t care about the hard work involved. Baking for her is not just a means of earning, it is much more than that. You should be happy with what you are doing and that is the only thing that matters. 



Excellence is achieved with a lot of practice and patience. – Sindhoora Rai




Aparna Jaiswal

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