Meet the Certified Pastry Chef from Kolkata – Shristi Kothari

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  • 30 Sep 2019

    “As a baker, the joy you feel by being a part of other people’s celebrations makes all the hard work worth it.” – Shristi Kothari



    Baking is all about precision and perfection, and someone who swears by this is Kolkata based home-baker Shristi Kothari. This gifted baker is the genius behind The Batter Box, which offers a variety of gorgeous, delectable customized cakes to customers. 



    Shristi has been baking since her college days, for family and friends. She has a degree in Economics and it was in her third year that she realized that baking is what she wanted to do full-time. She recalls, “Baking has always been an outlet for me so I thought of giving it a try. I started my Facebook page and slowly started to get a few orders. That’s how this journey began.” 



    The certified pastry chef shares, “After making my career choice, I joined the Academy of Pastry Arts in Bangalore, where I did a nine-month Advanced Diploma Course in French Pastry. We got amazing masterclasses from celebrated bakers so it was a wonderful experience overall.” 



    Out of all the delicious cakes that Shristi has baked, her favourite one so far is the Raspberry Chocolate Cake. And as to the most challenging project, she says, “I had a cake order three days after my sister’s wedding. It was a Harry Potter-themed five-pound cake – not very big, but it had a lot of details. It was quite tricky but in the end it turned out really well and the client was very happy.” 



    Talking about her first commercial order, she giggles, “It was for my relative. It was a trending cake at that time and I managed to pull it off and was quite happy with it. But now when I look at the pictures, I can’t believe someone actually paid for that cake!”.



    In the next five years, Shristi plans to have her own workshop where she can not only sell her goodies but also conduct classes for other aspiring bakers, as she loves teaching too. Such a commendable dream to have!



    She also has some important advice for the budding home-bakers. “Practice a lot, even when you think you know something, practice it till you are perfect. If you don’t, it will really show in your work. There are going to be challenging situations, you won’t get time to celebrate any festival but the joy you’ll feel by being a part of other people’s celebrations will make all your hard work and sacrifices worth it.” , she shares. 



    Excellence is not art. It is the habit of practice. – Shristi Kothari 


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