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Meet Baker Sanjana Samdariya Who Dropped Out Of College To Pursue Her Career In Baking

Aparna Jaiswal

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"The universe is made of stories, not atoms."

- Muriel Rukeyser


“Untill you find something that you are good at, keep learning. And even after you find it, be open to learn new ideas and techniques.” – Sanjana Samdariya



When you are determined to acheive something, you have to fight all the obstacles coming in your way. To win some, you have to lose some. This philosophy applies to each and every sector of your life. You won’t get anything ready on a plate in life, you have to work hard for it. It is important to figure out what is best for you and then work towards it diligently without any excuses.





Sanjana Samdariya is one such baker who knew what she wants for her career and worked accordingly. She was interested in baking and used to watch a lot of YouTube videos and other stuff to know more about baking. Initially, she would bake just for hobby, but later on, she started baking professionally. It’s been three years for her now in this baking business and she is quite enjoying it. 



Sanjana says, “I started with making cupcakes but gradually I learnt baking cakes. And now I have become a pro in advanced wedding cakes, fondant cakes and many others. I have upgraded my skills a lot. Also, the thing that sets my business apart is that I do eggless baking. There are so many people who want fresh eggless cakes. So. that’s how my business started growing and then there was no looking back.”





On Remembering her first order, she says, “My first client was one of my friends from college. I was so glad that somebody has appreciated what I have made. It was a surreal feeling. I never imagined that I would do the baking for business. It was always a hobby for me. But when people tasted my cakes, cupcakes and cookies, they actually asked me that they will pay me if I would make it for them.”



“I really enjoy working on big orders, it gives me more satisfaction. I have done orders for MNCs, IIM Bangalore and for many weddings. I love making wedding cakes because people allow you to use your creativity and I like it very much.”, she says, talking about her orders and cakes she likes making the most.





The challenges I faced when I came into this baking business was to ensure people that eggless cakes can also be equally delicious. Most of the people have the notion that it is not possible to make delectable cakes without eggs. But all the bakery items I have made till now are being loved by people and I have got a lot of appreciation for them.



Sanjana’s next plan is to get registered on Swiggy. She has been planning for the menu from the past few days and hopefully, she will join it by the next month. Also, she wants to get more exposure so that she can get better clients who understand her work. Sanjana doesn’t focus on the number of clients, she rather pays more attention to the quality of her cakes as well as clients.





Sanjana wants to advise the budding bakers that, “It is very important to get your basics right. You need to practise a lot and find out what you are passionate about. Baking is a vast field and it is possible that you may be better at one and not at the other. So, try everything and find out your forte and learn more about it. You can always go to workshops,they help in enriching your skills.” 



It is easy to dream big, but to make it into a reality, it takes lot of guts. You need to have a proper balance of hard work, discipline and right decisions at the right time. Success doesn’t come to those who just dream of it, rather who diligently works for it and make it true. Always remember, there is no substitute for hard work.


Try to find out your passion in life and give your best at it. – Sanjana Samdariya




Aparna Jaiswal

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