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Mantra To Victory: Always Listen To Your Heart And Follow Your Dreams, Says Baker Radhika Binani

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"Why worry about tomorrow, when today is all we have? "



“Baking is a field where you have to face challenges but if you are passionate about it and work with your full heart and soul you are bound to be successful.” – Radhika Binani


Every individual must focus on building a career for himself. One of the best ways is turning your hobby into a career. Radhika Binani is one such baker who made her hobby as a career. As a kid, she was interested in baking, but with time she made it as her profession. She has completed her graduation in Culinary Arts. It has been two years since she is into the baking business.




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Radhika says, “During my school days I used to bake for my friends, teachers, family and other close ones. At that time I never thought of baking as my profession. It was my favourite past time. As I developed an interest in baking I decided to pursue it professionally. I completed graduation in Culinary Arts. After graduation, she worked in places like ‘Conrad’ and ‘K Factory’ in Pune. While working she realised that she enjoyed working in the pastry section. This gave me clarity that I want to get into baking business professionally.”


Recollecting about her first client Radhika says, “When I started baking I used to put up small exhibitions with the help of my aunt. There was a lady who visited my exhibition. She enjoyed the taste of the bakery products I had prepared in the exhibition. Later she came to me for classes too. This encouraged me to start a baking business.”




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She shared one of her best experiences saying, “Last year in Diwali I received a huge order. I underestimated myself and was not prepared for such a big order. I  worked day and night for a whole week and completed the order ensuring good quality. I delivered the order on time.”


Radhika had a client who was very particular about healthy and vegan products. For the first time, Radhika has prepared vegan products for this client who was very happy with the taste. She has also specialised in hand-painted macarons. Before selling them to the clients she has tried making it to perfection for around twenty to twenty-five times. These are the few challenging experiences shared by Radhika. She says, “I believe that flavour of the product matters the most.”




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Radhika is a diehard chocolate fan. She says, “A simple chocolate cake is what I crave for the most. I love the salted caramel flavour. I have made different varieties of chocolate cakes having nuts, caramel that many of my clients have not only purchased but appreciated. But with time I have experienced that the best way to impress your client is to bake a simple chocolate cake without too many experiments.”


In the next few years, Radhika is planning to have her own studio kitchen. She wants to bake different bakery products. She wants to give her clients an experience of baking their own cakes. She says, I want to teach the art of baking to my clients.” Radhika is also planning to open a chain of restaurants and cafes.




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Radhika shares a piece of advice to the budding bakers saying, “This is a growing field. It is very important to love what you are doing. Do not do it out of pressure but do it out of passion. People will always try and put you down. But never lose hope. Keep working hard. In this field, you won’t get success immediately. It is important to keep exploring new recipes. Don’t focus on taking too many orders but instead deliver good quality products. This will definitely make you successful.”


In life, it is essential to dream big. Only then success can be achieved. Radhika is one such example who not only is dreaming big but also taking appropriate actions in that direction to achieve it. She also inspires people to have a hobby that can be converted into a profession.


“Use your ambition, drive and desire to achieve your goals.” – Radhika Binani




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