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Learn From Baker Neha Bhalotia, How To Go With The Flow In Life?

Aparna Jaiswal

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"Happiness is a Swedish sunset — it is there for all, but most of us look the other way and lose it. "

- Mark Twain


“Never compromise on the quality just for the sake of the competition. Always remember, the quality of your product is something which keeps you up in the game.” – Neha Bhalotia



It is said, “When something happens according to you, it’s good. But when it doesn’t, it’s even better.” The baker we are talking about today has a similar opinion. Neha always wanted to be a Chartered Account, but she couldn’t make it. Neha thinks it’s good that it doesn’t work out, because now she is happier than ever before. She is really enjoying this whole baking experience and wants to explore more of it. 





Neha says, “I started baking as a passion just to keep myself busy. And also, it was something which I can do from home. And that is how I started Neha’s Bakery. In the last four years, I have really worked day and night to achieve where I am today and I am quite happy with it.”





Neha used to watch a lot of YouTube videos about cooking and different recipes. She came across many cake baking recipes and didn’t realise when suddenly her interest grew for cake decorating. She became addictive to cake recipe videos and used to watch them day and night. That’s how she decided to enter into the baking business.





It always takes time to establish yourself in a new career. Neha tried a lot of recipes from Google and YouTube, some worked and some didn’t. But that’s how it is, learning is a gradual process. The more you try, the better you become. 



Talking about her clients, she says, “Once you start taking orders, it gets more difficult. Everyday is a new challenge and you learn something from it. My first client was my husband’s friend. He ordered a cake for his daughter’s birthday. Back then, I had no idea of dowelling and stacking the cake, but somehow I managed to make a two-tier cake. I was lucky that day, I guess! Nothing went wrong and the cake reached the venue in a single piece. Everyone loved my cake and that was a motivating experience for me. From then, there was no looking back and it’s been four years now and the journey was quite amazing”





Neha always grabs opportunities to learn new things and likes to enhance her skills. She says, “My best experience was the biggest cake that I made. A 30 Kg, 8 tier cake in white, blue and gold decorated with sugar flowers. Making that cake taught me so many new things like handling a heavy cake, not to panic over small things, anger control and the best part, it boosted my confidence level that I can achieve anything I want if I am determined to get it.”





Good reviews always motivate you to work harder. Neha says when she gets positive feedback from her clients, it just makes her day. Also, her husband is the biggest critic. He will just say it if the cake is not good. Neha says, “I hear from people that I charge a lot for my cakes but I charge for the time I give to my cakes, the dedication, the quality and so many years of learning. I charge for the neatness and not just for raw materials. People need to understand this. I think one should not worry about these reviews. You should focus on the quality of your work. If you are good at your job, then people will definitely pay you well. This is my mantra of doing business.”


“I run a studio where I take my classes and work on my cakes. I also have a YouTube channel called ‘Nehasbakery’ where I post cake making videos. It was my dream which I have made a reality now. But there is always something better to do in life, so in next five years, I want to have a bigger studio where I can have a team working for me.”, she says when asked what she would like to do in the coming years.





On sharing her experiences with Bulb and key, she says, “Bulb and Key actually made my life easy. I never delivered my cake myself, because after making the cake I m so exhausted, I don’t have the energy to get dressed and go to deliver my cakes. So, Bulb and Key came as a saviour, they do all my cake deliveries on time and I am assured that my cakes will reach intact and will be handled with the utmost care. It helps me to focus on my work and not worry about other things.


Neha believes in going with the flow. Some things are not in your hands, you can only do your bit and leave the rest. What you can do is to give your best at everything you do. Also, there is no substitute for hard work. Passion, dedication and perseverance are all needed to acheive greater heights in life and there is no other way round. 


You can do anything in life if you are passionate about it. – Neha Bhalotia 




Aparna Jaiswal

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