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Aparna Jaiswal

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"The person who makes a success of living is the one who see his goal steadily and aims for it unswervingly. That is dedication. "

- Cecil B. DeMille


“Follow your passion and make it your profession.” – Aishwarya Gire


Allow your passion to become your purpose, and it will one day become your profession. Choose your profession very carefully, because it’s not a matter of one or two days, it’s about your whole life. When you come a long way in your career then it’s quite difficult to opt for something new. However, I believe there is no right time to start something fresh, but everything in life comes with challenges, you should be ready to face them. 





It’s a battle in itself to analyze what you like and what your profession should be. You may have a lot of hobbies, but you have to make a decision that which one you want to make your main profession. This journey becomes quite easy when you have your parents and family members to support you. The energy and strength that you get from them help you fight from the judgemental world. 





Aishwarya Gire is one such baker who was always passionate about baking and got full support from her parents especially her father and pursued her passion as a profession. She has her own cake studio named The Vanilla Bean and wishes to establish herself as a brand



Aishwarya was 19 when she saw her aunt baking a cake and just loved how flour, butter, sugar, and eggs are added and baked and the product is a yummy cake. She says, “It was like magic. The whole process of cake baking really attracted me. From that moment I was convinced that I wanted to get into baking.” But initially, it was more of a hobby, she needs to have the knowledge to work professionally. So, she decided to enroll in a baking course where she could upgrade her skills.





Talking about her first client, she says, “She was my mom’s friend. She had come to our house and asked me to bake a cake for her. I made the cake with buttercream icing which made it very sweet. The cake didn’t turn out to be that good but I was really happy that I got a professional order. You learn by doing mistakes, so that’s fine.”



“I have got a big order and they have asked me to bring the cake to the venue. The order was from a very reputed family in Pune. I just wanted that everything should go well. I made the cake in time and was just about to leave, but unfortunately, my car didn’t start and I was panicking that what would happen now. I won’t reach the place on time. My Dad called a mechanic and he quickly checked the car and told that if you start the car then don’t stop it for the entire journey, otherwise you will be stuck. Somehow the car started and I followed the mechanic’s instructions and was able to reach the venue on time. I remember that day very well, I was so frightened but thankfully everything got fine at the end.”, she says when asked about her most challenging experience in the baking business.





Aishwarya never compromises on the quality of the cake. It is her specialty that she makes all the cakes from scratch. She doesn’t use any ready to mix batters or materials. She doesn’t like using those mixes and that is the reason why she named her studio as ‘The Vanilla Bean’. Vanilla is one of the purest extracts that is obtained from vanilla beans. She even makes this extract at home. She just likes to use everything pure and healthy. 



She advises that the quality of cakes will be improved if you use everything pure. There are times when you feel like quitting but consistency is the key. You can take small breaks in between just to rejuvenate yourself, but don’t give up so easily. Believe in yourself and once the difficult period is gone, you will feel the same energy and enthusiasm.





Every profession has its own challenges, you can’t run away from them. You need to face them and if your family supports you then it’s become quite easy. It is easy to dream but when you have to make it into reality, you need to work hard with dedication and patience. 



Don’t worry about what people would say, take your stand in life and stick to it, no matter what the situation is. – Aishwarya Gire




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