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Tanvi Nagarkar

  • 16 Dec 2019

    “Just work hard and put your heart in everything you do, you will definitely get positive results one day.” – Tanvi Nagarkar


    Tanvi presenting cake


    In today’s times many youngsters struggle to find the right path for building a career for themselves. The best part is when they realise very soon what they want to pursue. It allows them to establish themselves in their respective careers very early as compared to others. The baker we are talking about today has a similar kind of story.


    Strawberry cake


    Tanvi Nagarkar is one such home baker who realised that she wants to pursue a career in baking as soon as she completed her tenth grade. She says, “I didn’t want to just party around and kill time. I really wanted to do something productive. So, I thought I would start making cakes and sell them. This will keep me engaged and also enhance my passion.”


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    It all started when Tanvi had just joined college. Unlike youngsters who were of Tanvi’s age, she used to attend college and also simultaneously learned to bake different varieties of cakes. In order to fulfill her passion, she did not neglect her education. She has done a Vocational Course in Bakery. She is currently in the third year and studying Culinary Arts from Symbiosis School of Culinary Arts. For the last four years, she is also successfully doing her baking business.


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    Recollecting memories of her first client she says, “My first client was one of my closest cousins. I had to bake a rose cake for her birthday. It was only a week that I started baking professionally and got this order. So this was the best part of this order as it gave my business a good start.”


    Candy themed double decker cake


    Tier cakes are in huge demand in the last few years. Be it a birthday or an anniversary or any other occasion people go for tier cakes. Tanvi says, “I have got orders for baking tier cakes. But I was not very good at baking them. Whenever I tried baking the tier cakes, they used to fall apart and my whole effort used to go in vain. That is fine as I believe that you learn from your mistakes. Initially, I have messed up with around ten tier cakes before making a perfect one. As I was trying to fix them I realised that the tier cakes were very moist and watery which is why it never stood up.” She regards this as her most challenging and memorable experience. 


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    Tanvi is an ardent lover of brownies. She enjoys baking and also eating delicious and mouth-watering brownies. Her favorite one is plain fudgy brownies.


    Chocolate cake


    Talking about Tanvi’s plans for her business in the next few years, she says, “Right now I am only a home baker. As I am still studying, I am not getting enough time to make home-made bread and other items. So I want to focus on learning more varieties of bakery products. Once I finish my studies, I am planning to open my baking studio. I also want to have my own franchise.”


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    Tanvi gives a valuable piece of advice to the budding bakers by saying, “Baking is a vast field where you have a great scope. You can make a wonderful career in baking. The most important quality that one needs to possess in this field is hard work and never give up attitude. In the last four years that I have been in this baking business, I have learnt that you need to continuously update yourself with the current trend. It is very important to put your heart and soul into whatever you are doing This will help you achieve your dreams.”


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    “You can make your dreams come true by sweat, determination and hard work.” – Tanvi Nagarkar


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