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  • 7 May 2019

    “If your work is good, nobody can stop you” ~Sonia Changediya


    A journey from an interior designer working under someone to a self-made businesswoman on the way to launch her own studio, Sonia has come a long way. ‘Rainbow cakes and chocolates’ was a plan of a young girl with creativity in her blood and the passion to bake.



    She attended her first of all baking workshop just after her 10th for that one eggless cake recipe they taught and used that recipe to make all her cakes whether it’s Chocolate, pineapple, vanilla or the black forest. She started two decades ago baking in steel cookers and tandoors slowly moving to baking in microwaves for her family and kids.


    camera cake by sonia changediya


    On the 3rd birthday of her younger son when as a renowned bakery ditched her, she decided to take matters in her own hand. Baked such a delicious chocolate black forest cake that instantly she got her first order. That was when the real deal started, to sit and learn how to fix a prize and earn profit automatically gave her more satisfaction than her job could. She baked  35 cakes before deciding that the 36th cake was perfect for her elder sons birthday, professionalism is something that is in you and then you have to polish it is something she was well aware of.


    high heel cake


    She started attending workshops and learning new things to improve her skills. Mrs. Aditi Garvale and Prachi Dey became her mentors as they taught her and Bakers convention in Goa became her guru to the professional baking.


    3 tier cake by sonia changediya


    Shifting from baking as a hobby to professional baking was challenging and her commitments made it hard for her to deliver cakes. This is where Bulb and Key entered her life and made it easy with there ‘scratchless’ delivery and support, is something she didn’t fail to mention.


    candy - sonia changediya


    Baking, a bait for her creative soul and a stress buster became her passion and profession. “Hard Work pays, patience pays” is her new mantra and something she wishes to teach in the workshops she aims to take in her upcoming studio. She promotes every person who wishes in making a profession in baking to take up professional courses from culinary schools and break the stereotype around baking.


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