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Trishant Nimsarkar

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"Respect should be earned by actions, and not acquired by years. "

- Frank Wright



“I feel baking is an initiative centered on celebrating this very spirit of serving customers, ensuring pride and excellence and bringing the baker’s community closer” ~ Smriti Dikshit, Frost and Icing.


This time we bring you a mesmerizing story of a woman who believes that good cakes and decorations are a product of grind and hard work.



Smriti is a Fashion Designer, a Teacher, and a Home Baker. She used to admire baking since she was in her 10th std, it was not about fancying cakes, for Smriti it was always about creating something salutary.


Her journey marked it’s beginning as she started getting orders from friends which motivated her to create a Facebook page to get recognized in a larger group. She joined a course to hone her skills in baking and cake decoration. With great zeal and confidence, she started her professional baking, as her cake slowly became the talk of the town.



She remembers her first footprint in the field of baking in 1987, when she first tried to bake her own cake without any support. But as it is said practice makes a man perfect, she adopted this guru mantra in her life.


Talking about her most challenging project she has an interesting incident. Her most difficult project was a custom made “Game of Thrones” cake which she baked for her daughter. “Throne was an easy task to create but the fondant dragon was difficult” it took her long two days to create the dragon. “It turned out perfect, but all the time I gave to enhance the look of the dragon worked out perfectly”



Smriti along with Frost and Icing (her bakery’s name) has been a good old partner of Bulb and Key, through this she was relieved with the stress of delivering her creations to customers “I like Bulb and Key’s culture and I am happy to be working with them”.

We are proud of you too Smriti! Keep baking!



After such a journey we realized what was that one quality that got Smriti to the place where she is now, which is, she kept learning, every new day she learned something new, for her it was always an ongoing process.


“Learning never stops” Ms. Smiriti Dikshit

Trishant Nimsarkar

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