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  • 9 May 2019
  • “Give 100% to customers, they will always come to you, they know your magic and you know their worth” ~ Shweta Palkar


    It’s always said exposure to strong individuals create strong individuals through time. Mrs Shweta is such an example for those who seek to find a glimpse of hope and delicious cakes along with it. We at Bulb and Key are happy for the opportunity to share her story.

    Shweta Palkar's Interview


    A married woman who earned her post graduate in MCA who, with loads of technology knowledge, and mother of an energetic tech-savvy 10-year-old runner.  


    She says, “I started baking around 3-4 years back, for my child, who loves cakes a lot. I wanted for my son to eat healthy, hygienic cakes and foods, preservatives were, of course, a big no.” we understand, after all, mother’s love prevails anytime.


    And so an idea struck her, “why not bake cakes so delicious the aroma from freshly made cake my son would love much, along healthy cakes to devour” and so was born Shweta Baking Delight.

    60th Birthday Cake


    A proud Home Baker for the past 2 years, making fresh and delicious cakes has been an effortless task for years. Her friends would come to her, head over heels for her taste and quality towards her cakes, never forgetting to appreciate and asking for more, such is her story of delight.


    In the busy and foody streets of Hyderabad, where she spent her most of life, as willing and focused she is towards growth, taking 3-4 workshops to grow further was her way towards better and significant services for her love towards us all. Journeying to Pune, was indeed an eye-opener, ‘the city of foodies after all,’ where the sky was the limit and hunger was the metric. They needed her, and she needed them.

    House Cake


    Challenges a part of our life, simple yet at times tiring, when asked what was the most challenging part you face in home-baking, her reply was quite unique and different, “Challenge is not making the cake, challenge is to whether you deliver it to your loving customers well”, always looking out for her fellow customers, Is a quality we admire and applaud.


    Her tips for her fellow customers is an honest message, just like the strong values she represents, “if you stick with quality, loyalty and honesty, then old customers stick”. Values are what makes a person different, and no more could that be true than here. Behind every strong independent woman is a supporting caring man, being a doctor by profession, her husband always encouraged her journey towards being self-sufficiency and healthy food for thought. Never discouraging, if only ever loving encouragement was his forte. “Go ahead with it, hum tumhare Sath hai” Dr.Palkar words of encouragement.

    Food Thali Cake

    We all have a sense of speciality towards ourselves and our work, such a specialist has a specially designed chocolate truffle cake, with layers of coated dark chocolate to light up those receptors and flood you with happy hormones as they say. Truffle Cakes by Shweta’s baking delight has no plans of stopping is what we can assure you. As for the mighty mango and king of summer cakes, mango rose cake are another case with seemingly no plans to stop in the roasting summer season, she’s got her hands full as she works eagerly to complete orders full 10 days ahead of themselves, this is the glory and beauty of mango season and Shweta’s delightful baking, it’s a lot of work and a prideful moment for her to share some happiness with you.


    So pack your bags and rise those curtains, order a cake and devour some healthy foods. Her dream shall come true. We are with you, ma’am.


    She says, Working with bulbandkey has been playing a significant part in my journey towards becoming a better home baker, its great, I am grateful for your support and fast delivery solutions. For the cake deliveries, it’s not about cost dear friends its about loyalty and quality. BulbandKey helps with delivering part effectively for better customer satisfaction.


    As for a parting message she adds, “If you have passion my dear souls, then you can make it here, the key is to be interested by your heart and soul”


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