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“Baking absolutely transformed my life, It earned me a name, fame, and a lot of good peopleMrs.Shraddha Choudhari Shalhalkar


The harder you work for something, the greater you will feel when you achieve it, these words are the substance of the world. Keeping the trait of working hard in mind, we present you a story of someone who strived hard and learned new essence of life every day Mrs. Shraddha Shalhalkar.





Shraddha was working as an IT professional, due to her baby and responsibilities she had to leave her job, always had this soft corner towards caking and baking Shraddha was indulged in her day to day chores and she was occupied by all this, although she used to bake quite frequently. “My family and friends used to cherish the taste of my cakes”.


Her friends used to idolize her cakes, they continuously insisted her to bake professionally, she was such a master in baking that her friends were amazed like why isn’t she making a business out of it yet? Shraddha received constant appreciation so she had baking as a profession in mind but she didn’t know how to execute it.





One fine day she put up the pictures of her cakes on her social media handles and she received an overwhelming response and an ample of positive comments which encouraged her into turning talent into business, into a profession and a way of life as a well-demanded baker, unknown people generated orders for her cakes and this is how her baking career marked its beginning “I delivered my very first cake in August 2015” everything was going her way it was like fortune favored the brave. Shraddha, right now, is having the time of her life, she is doing what she loves to do, she is playing by her rules and that’s what I call being successful because most of us don’t figure out our ‘why’ but Shraddha Shalhalker did it.


Shraddha remembers baking her very first cake “I baked it for my family and there was no occasion it was just a try” she proudly shares that it was a brilliant chocolate ganache cake “It looked good and it tasted good” Usually, in life, your first try isn’t perfect according to the expectations, in Shraddha’s case though, it was exactly what she planned it to be, this clearly means that she was destined to be a premium baker.





Being a premium baker she faced a lot of challenges, she describes her most challenging project “I was baking a 2-tier wedding cake and there was a power cut for a full night and I had to deliver it the next day at 11 am” that was where she felt the challenge because at 11 am is the scheduled delivery and there is no power for the whole night, I was wondering how did she managed this hassle, Shraddha says “I started the preparation at 6 am after power came back and completed the task, it was very tough for me to deal with a situation like that.”


Shraddha is a Rasmalai cake specialist she claims “Rasmalai cake is my favorite cake to bake, it is my favorite kind of cake to eat as well” she believes that Rasmalai cake is her specialty and a very important factor in pushing her ahead in her baking career.


She has been a good partner with Bulb and Key she relishes the experience “ Bulb and Key realizes and resolves the issues of bakers, and you guys make sure that delivery is completed under any circumstances.”


“All I want to say is Focus on your quality and bake it with love and try to value your time and efforts and you will fly High.” Mrs. Shraddha Choudhari Shalhalkar.




Trishant Nimsarkar

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