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Home Baker Shalini Salvi’s – Interview

Trishant Nimsarkar

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"Time is the wisest counsellor of all. "

- Pericles


“I just want to say, if you have passion and dedication then dreams do come true, it takes time but they do come true” – Shalini Salvi


Shalini Salvi is proud home-baker based in Wanowrie, Pune. Being a professional baker for more than 4 years. She has an interesting story to share with us.




Home Baker Shalini Salve


After completing her education by acquiring a diploma in travel and tourism, she started her journey as an intern at the nearest local workshop, trying to make a living on her own. So what lead her into her journey of Gifted Baker? “There was no job opportunity due to living in a small town and as there was no bakery around my part of town, I decided to start baking these delicious cakes,” she now explains looking back as a memory still fresh. Looking back now she realizes baking had always a special place in her life. Her Mom who specialized in catering tech shared secret tasty recipes to her beloved daughter and as history suggests Mrs.Shalini discovered her quite affination towards baking.




Cake for Rishit - by Shalini Salve


Her Friends shared their love of cakes and as always pursued her to bake one for them, be it any celebration, she was always their choice. She says “My friends used to give me ‘maida money,’ and used to say you do well, make one for us and I got quite a kick out of it”. As every artist remembers their first art, so does she, “Ya, my 1st cake. I think it was the 3D tortoise, which I made for my son” she shared cherishing her memory. That was her beloved art.




Cake for couples by shalini salve


Since she decided to be an example for many and spread happiness and smiles, Bulbandkey stood by her side. Her thoughts were that it’s pretty smooth working with bulbandkey, with convenient charges and payment its always a delight to work with them. That’s a proud moment for us.  She is truly a gentle yet brave and strong soul amidst all the hardships in life, she has a message for bakers “I feel If you have and give good quality, people are there, ready to buy”.


So here it is a journey of creativity and inspiration of Mrs.Shalini Salvi.




Trishant Nimsarkar

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