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Sandhya Sanap

  • 25 Jun 2019

    “Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors”  Mrs. Sandhya Sanap.


    A journey without ups and downs is a journey left unheard. Any part of life requires a constant pace of learning by doing that one can get what he/she would’ve ever dreamed of, with that being said we present to you an interesting story of a talented baker Mrs. Sandhya Sanap.


    Sandhya is an MBA HR, being from the background of highly qualified academics Sandhya, just like any other working professional was busy into her work as well as her household chores. She used to work in HDFC bank and she came to Pune after and she was sitting idle doing household day-to-day work.


    Sandhya Sanap


    Sandhya’s glorious life is a product of trials, just for the sake of learning something she did a simple baking course. It wasn’t just a simple baking course, this very course caused Sandhya to get immensely interested in baking and caking and she did a couple of more baking courses. This made her highly advanced and specialized in baking. It was like she acquired baking education equivalent to traditional education “The reason for me attending two more courses was my arising love for making cakes.”


    Krishna Janmashtami Cake


    Sandhya tried out her skills by sending samples to her friends and she was delighted by the amount of positive response and appreciation she received. She realized that day by day she is becoming a professional. Before that, she never came across the fact that there is a connection between her and masterclass baking.


    Sandhya took baking as a full-fledged profession and she mentioned her first professional cake “it was an order from the CBI director of Pune and it was a Rasmalai Cake” she proudly shares that it was appreciated and again, the response was positive. Now she has enough motivation to make it big in terms of caking and baking in upcoming five years she wants to be enlisted with top bakers in Pune, she wants to own her very own cake studio.


    3 Tier Rasmalai Cake


    Sandhya, a positive and optimistic person adores rasmalai cake more than any other cake in town, she is a self-proclaimed ‘rasmalai cake specialist’. She remembers her very first cake of her life “it was a funky and colourful cake and it turned out fair enough.”


    Fish Cake


    Sandhya Sanap mentions her most challenging project ever “I had to make a paithani cake.” It is a resemblance of traditional paithani saree of Maharashtra into a cake, let’s understand this from a baker’s perspective, a paithani cake is a product of specialized work of fondant and painting. “I never took fondant classes” still she managed to bake and decorate a beautiful paithani cake and the clients loved it” her cute little 8 years old played a part in helping her mother out of a tense situation.




    She appreciates her journey till now with Bulb and Key as her major orders and deliveries were made possible because of prompt delivery and pickup service of Bulb and Key and she is looking forward to get ahead with Bulb and Key. We are looking forward to stand up to your service again, we are proud of talented bakers like you. Tried, tested, and learned various techniques Sandhya sanap has made it to the very top of her mountain.


    “Gain experience and create your image before stepping into the market with trials and hardwork” – Mrs. Sandhya Sanap


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