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“If you have a passion and the guts to take that plunge you will never be comfortable, do not wait for ‘that’ day.” – Ritu Dalal


It takes a lot of self-confidence and planning to turn a hobby into a new career path after attaining stability in one which is as planned out as an office job. Meet Ritu Dalal – who has made it big with her healthy and tasty home bakes. Her baking venture is known as ‘Marron brown-bliss’ which gets its name from French origin. ‘Marron’ means brown in French and everything that you use to bake without cream and colour is some shade of brown colour. One of the core concepts of this venture is to eat healthily, a basic example would be using jaggery instead of sugar in all her home-baked goodies! 


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Her journey began eight years ago when she used to bake for her five-year-old son who loved everything she baked. In the past year, she struggled a lot as she was juggling between her five days working office and baking the orders she got from people she knew, on the holidays. The appreciation she got for these tasty bakes boosted her confidence and encouraged her to bake full-time!



The decision to go full-time baking was a very well thought out one, she was contemplating it for over a year but couldn’t gather the courage. Ditching the fixed income lifestyle was quite a challenge as the possibility of full-time baking not being a success was there, starting a new venture from scratch was a very risky thing to do. 


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Her family was very supportive as they saw the passion and potential in her baking skills and were very encouraging, this gave her the courage to pursue her dreams and be the success which she is today!.



“When it comes to baking healthy I keep on trying new things.” says Ritu. She makes her own recipes and each one of them is a hit, especially her carrot orange cake and cinnamon rolls. 


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Ritu has a lot of clients like Rehan Poncha, an award-winning swimmer and many others who are into sports as they love her healthy bakes like the wholewheat and oats cookies which are nothing less than a quick and healthy energy bar.


Ironically she bakes the best desserts but isn’t a dessert person herself, but even she can’t keep her hands off some delicious carrot cake. 



Coffee is one of her favourite beverages and her goal in five years is to start her own cafe where she can serve healthy bakes and various types of coffee.


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Her advice to budding bakers is to not wait for the ‘right time’ and to take the leap of faith and give it your best. If you decide to wait for the right time you might as well be waiting forever. The guts to start living your dream will never be comfortable, she says. 



This keeps on inspiring not only budding bakers but also every person trying to pursue their dreams. It is your choice ‘one day’ or ‘day one’. 


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