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  • 13 May 2019
  • “A client gives me a theme, a thought and I would like to Replicate such creation into being” – Rimli Sarkar, ‘16 Sweet Sin Road’.


    Foodies have a special place in the world. Their undying passion for food and their own conviction in its experience is soulful. Such passionate hearts are satisfied by passionate home-bakers, who themselves seek to celebrate a shared love of delicacies of the world. Rimli Sarkar is one home-baker with such a burning desire for baking delicious cakes.


    Rimli Sarkar


    An avid baker for the past 14 years, she has a truly unique journey. “I Started baking in my teens when OTG’s and Beater were still nowhere to be found in common households, pressure cookers were a true friend of mine. I Remember as if a memory of yesterday, we used to beat eggs with our hands for hours, a tiresome job yet I found it brought me a sense of joy and calm,” she shares with us a joyous moment. Since the age of 11 baking has always been by her side through stages of life’s happiness and dilemmas.


    Almost two decades later, she stood in her life as a Qualified C.S and the legal head of a major biotech company in Pune, Rimli felt she was missing something and that’s when she started baking again. Professionalism came to Rimli as hunger comes to foodies, she trained herself under veteran bakers with the likes of Michelle Salem, Prachi Dhavaldrev and more. As she progressed, so does the world around her and with access to a mature baking ecosystem in Pune, affordable appliance and a husband (setting examples Mr.sarkar) who was a guinea pig of her experiments, she leapt ahead towards progress.


    Her first Cake still lingers in her heart, “Vanilla Font Cake” it was, oh the sweet aroma of such delicacy. That was her inspiration towards baking. With a leap of faith, she took the risk, quit her job and while on a break went to goa. There she while refreshing her soul and mind, she realized that baking is her destiny and thus she seeked to fulfill it, via “16 Sweet Sin Road”.


    “One aspect of working with bulb and key is they care for their home-bakers and give the best delivery, They have been a great contribution to me.” Mrs.Rimli appreciated by her heart. “Bulbandkey has an undeniable role in my growth and they have been with me through thin and thick in my professional journey of baking, every Baker needs some smooth flow of work and bulbandkey provides that to me.” We at bulbandkey are happy to know our effort makes a difference and a smile is spread.


    She hopes through her story readers and especially women are inspired and they too aspire to be independent. Mrs.Rimli’s story is an example of what we could accomplish if only we put our heart into it, what wonders are yet to be made, she provokes us to think. We believe she is indeed an independent warrior, fierce and passionate leader and a kind person who wishes to help other stand up and leap forward. Her toughest cake was a 3 tier wedding cake for a major industrialist which she with bulbandkey transported 35 KM from her home. She has a comforting message to all of her fellow bakers, “If baking is a passion, you can journey it towards profession”. With a tip she concludes her message – always keep building up your skill value and then never undervalue it!!


    “Serendipity Brought Rimli’s Life Full Circle back to baking”



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