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Trishant Nimsarkar

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"To know your purpose is to live a life of direction, and in that direction is found peace and tranquillity."

- Byron Pulsifer


“My USP is quality and creativity and I experiment a lot” Mrs. Rajul Agarwal


Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort. It is doing things right when no one is looking. These are the words which inspire many people, or rather let’s say many amusing and well-to-do people. We go to buy our desired service only from those whose quality of service we feel is the topmost. 


Rajul Agarwal


This time we present to you the story of a skilled home baker who feels experimenting, creativity, and quality is what she focused on and it maintained her prestige throughout her baking profession.



Rajul Agarwal is the one we are talking about, she is a CA and she has worked with many companies and she was completely into academics, although, she always had an inclination towards baking.


Starbucks Cake



She used to bake back in her college days for friends and family, “I got bored with my regular routine and wanted to try something creative, so I started baking more for friends and family “.



When she started her bakery, Rajul didn’t have a lot in mind she was continuously baking new kinds of cakes with various flavors, and many other experiments, she started it right away. It was her college time as well so she was struggling with managing college lectures along with her caking and baking.



Rajul is a self-learner, she never received any professional training, but, that was never going to hold her back in any way. Rajul was the kind of person who made her way on top of every challenge she faced in life. four years back when she started baking she got so engrossed in baking that there was never looking back. 



Her very first baked cake was when she was in school, She prepared it for her friends and it turned out perfectly it was her most adored chocolate cake. The first professional cake she baked when she hosted a lounge party and the main attraction of her annual lounge parties are her premium cakes, that was again a chocolate cake and it turned out great she received a lot of positive comments enough for her motivation. As we have seen before, she loves chocolate cake and she is baffled by the taste of chocolate. Rajul believes that there is a lot to experiment with chocolate.



Rajul mentions her most challenging project ever. it was a castle cake “my first ever castle cake” she faced issues when she had to deliver it herself the pillars of the cake were shaking. “time was not really a big issue, transportation was a challenge”, the cake was perfect.


mountain cake


Her Goal in the next five years is to expand “not necessarily into a cafe maybe a bigger setup or a cake studio but I would prefer to remain a home baker. She is a proud partner of Bulb and Key, it has simplified her life with convenient delivery, “they are on time. I can rely on Bulb and Key, I think they are excellent and well managed.” We are proud of talented bakers like you and we are looking forward to carrying on this journey.



“Always focus on quality it is the first, and along with that be unique don’t mimic think original” – Mrs.Rajul Agarwal


Trishant Nimsarkar

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