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“Never force your customers to buy very large cakes that can’t be consumed by them. It’s just a waste of effort, money and most importantly food. ” – Prajakta Agnihotri


Prajakta, who studied law and used to practice it with her dad thinks that being a lawyer is a very black and white profession. She says that she had always loved cooking and baking cakes. So, when her friend gave her a cake recipe book, she decided on to take cake making as a profession. She is the baker behind Cakecstacy who makes tempting customized cakes for every occasion


She says that it was a very easy decision for her as she always wanted to get into a profession which is creative and colorful. Making cakes gives her joy. Remembering about her first cake, she says that she had baked a cake for her friend’s mother who is now her mother-in-law. After that, she never looked back and continued her journey of making delicious and colorful cakes.



Every profession takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and perseverance. Baking a cake is no different. Talking about her challenges, she narrated an incident when she had to deliver cakes for a bride for her consecutive engagement and sangeet functions. One cake was 15 kg and the other was 8 kg. She took 5 days to bake both the cakes and it was obviously tiresome.


Prajakta is into this profession from the past five years and very soon she wants to start her own shop. It was her goal for this year but somehow it didn’t happen. She will do it in the coming year for sure. She aspires to become a brand for cakes.



She loves making strawberry cream cheesecake which she makes every year on her birthday. And also Prajakta is very fond of plain tea-time cakes without any whipped cream.


On sharing one of her exciting moments she says that on one lazy Sunday evening she was at her home with her family and suddenly a bride called her and asked if they can meet. And the girl wanted to order her engagement and wedding cake. They discussed about the cakes and soon they became friends. The girl invited her to the engagement and wedding. That’s how you become friends through business.



Working with Bulb and Key has been really great. It’s very easy to place orders and manage it, says Prajakta. With the help of this platform, everything becomes more transparent and also builds trust between the baker and the client.


It’s very thoughtful of her that she thinks that ordering a cake that is way too large for the client to finish is a wastage of money and effort. She believes that a client should order a minimal cake that can be eaten by all and not a single bite should go waste.



It takes courage to pursue something that is not appreciated by the so-called society. When Prajakta stopped practicing law like her father and made up her mind to work for her passion of making cakes, her father was not much happy. But sometimes you have to take a strong call even if your well-wishers are not supporting you much. This journey of Prajakta makes us believe that you have to take strong steps towards your goal against all the odds and you can make your passion into your profession.


“Innovation is challenging, but it gives you your biggest learning.” – Prajakta Agnihotri


Trishant Nimsarkar

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